We’re just under 2 weeks away from the long-awaited return of Doctor Who, series 10, and lo and behold we have yet another trailer to feast upon and hold us over until April 15! So what do we have in here that we can speculate upon? It’s a lot of the same but with a few new teases and glimpses and one major one! Needless to say, spoilers.

Doctor Who Series 10 - Missy (Michelle Gomez) (c) BBC
Doctor Who Series 10 – Missy (Michelle Gomez) (c) BBC
Strike a pose!

What’s that in Missy’s ear at the 15-second mark? I wonder if it may be some sort of Cybergear? Certainly, it’s not Cybus made, but we do know that Missy has a past with the Cybermen. I just wonder how far back it goes? Maybe to Mondas?

Another Missy moment. A keen eye may notice Ms Missy standing in front of a glass cylinder, while a curious mind might wonder if she is in the TARDIS, or perhaps she, again, has one of her own?

Doctor Who Series 10 - Cybermat?? (c) BBC
Doctor Who Series 10 – Cybermat?? (c) BBC
Speaking of Cyber

That fun insect burrowing through the wall, certainly looks like a big bug, but might it be a cybermat? They’re Mondasian in origin and those look like lights at the end of the antenna. Have they been upgraded for the 21st-century audience?

Doctor Who Series 10 - Water Girl/Dalek Girl (c) BBC
Doctor Who Series 10 – Water Girl/Dalek Girl (c) BBC

Dalek Girl is back and this time she’s coming through the floor! It seems we have some sort of shape-shifting water creature who may or may not be a Dalek. She certainly knows the lingo though.

Whenever Roman Centurions are around we have to wonder if the man who waited is there too? While it’s very unlikely that Rory will make a cameo appearance, it’s fun to think that in Moffat’s final run we may see Mr. Williams/Pond again.

Doctor Who Series 10 - Doctor Regeneration Energy?? (c) BBC
Doctor Who Series 10 – Doctor Regeneration Energy?? (c) BBC
Finally, the biggy. That regeneration glow…

We know Peter Capaldi is leaving at the end of the year so it definitely means something is up. However, it does look like the coat he’s going to be wearing in episode 8 which still puts us off a few episodes from the finale.  Also, knowing  that he’ll be here for the Christmas special, which hasn’t yet been recorded, almost certainly means this is a false alarm. That said, he looks like he’s feeling some pain and doesn’t look too happy to see his regenerative powers starting. It’s no “Everybody Lives” kind of moment.

While we didn’t learn a great deal more from this 30 second trailer, we were treated to some new visual gems. Will any of the above come to be? Are we reaching too far with our excitement? We’ll see when it all starts up on April 15th!


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