Breathe in…breathe out. Yes, that just happened. Get some fresh air, then come back so we can talk about Jamie Mathieson’s latest story.

You can read our review of ‘Oxygen’ here, but we want to know what you think. So we’ve (not) held our breath and exposed ourselves to the vacuum of Twitter to get your reactions.

From the opening line, the Star Trek fans were happy.

The banter between Nardole and the Doctor got a few laughs.

Tim Reid, who played the floating corpse, shared this:

And someone spotted a familiar face…

A lot of folk drew comparisons to an earlier episode.

As well as some other elements of the Whoniverse.

And the Doctor’s comments on capitalism didn’t go unremarked…

Dahh-Ren got some Twitter lovin’.

The Doctor’s blindness raised some eyebrows.

And everyone’s ready for next week!


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