Are you a collector? Do you like Doctor Who? If so, ‘Doctor Who Memorabilia An Unofficial Guide to Doctor Who Collectables’ by Paul Berry is bound to be for you.

Doctor Who, as we’re likely all aware, is the most merchandised show in British television. It produces everything from the series itself in various formats (DVD and Digital), to clothing, toys, books and magazines, right down to the most unusual of products that we wouldn’t even think we would want until we’ve seen it. What’s possible to forget in the 21st century, especially for new viewers, is that Doctor Who has been producing a wide variety of goods since the program began in 1963.

Paul Berry is a collector and curator of classic Doctor Who memorabilia. His love and passion are abundantly clear if you visit his Facebook page, ‘The Doctor Who Collectors Archive’, and you should. It’s an impressive collection he’s grown over 30 years and a great community he is fostering for collectors. And though he’s not focused on the new series of Doctor Who, he doesn’t rule something out if it’s related to the classic era.

Now, Berry is putting his knowledge and collection on display in a new book from Amberley Publishing, titled ‘Doctor Who Memorabilia An Unofficial Guide to Doctor Who Collectables’.  The book will bring insight to the memorabilia of Classic Doctor Who, in its many forms. You can find out about everything from a full sized Cyberman, to the Pinball machine down to Dalek slippers and more.

The 96-page paperback is due May 15th for just £14.99. It’s 235 x 165mm, has 180 illustrations and will also be available digitally on Kindle, Kobo and iBook formats. Pre-orders are now available.

If you’re a collector, or even just interested in classic Doctor Who memorabilia, then this will, no doubt, be a fantastic way to rediscover the history of a British cultural icon.


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