Australia, get ready for your chance to read, collect and enjoy the new Doctor Who/Mr. Men books which have recently taken the Doctor Who Experience, and England, for an exciting adventure!

This is most certainly the greatest mash-up in the Whoniverse. Four of your favourite Doctor’s have been transformed into the instantly recognisable  Mr. Men, designed by Adam Hargreaves, son of Mr. Men creator Roger Hargreaves. There are two classic Doctor’s, William Hartnell’s First Doctor,  Dr. First,  and Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor, Dr. Fourth.  For recent Doctor’s  there are our two most recent  Doctor’s. Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, Dr. Eleventh and Peter Capaldi’s current Twelfth Doctor, Dr. Twelfth.

Available from May 1st, 2017, for only $9.99 these cleverly crafted books, written and illustrated by Adam Hargreaves, include references to the world of Doctor Who, including some of your favourite villains. These are perfect collectables for fans of all ages and make for great gifts.

For the collectors out there Penguin Random House, also recently announced that there will be more Doctor Who/Mr. Men mash-up’s released in August.

If you haven’t already seen it, Michelle Gomez (Missy), has narrated an animated version of Dr. Twelfth which only further proves how fun these books really are.


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