Doctor Who Adventures Issue #11
Doctor Who Adventures Issue #11

The brand new issue of Doctor Who Adventures issue #11 hits the stands on 4 February, and this one is a surefire cure for a dull and dreary winter! This issue continues the comic strip featuring Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor along with a free poster, quizzes, jokes, more from your friendly Sontaran Strax and a free monster kit to enjoy.

Twelfth Doctor Comic Strip
Twelfth Doctor Comic Strip

Full details of what’s included in this magazine are below and there is something for everyone, be you 3 or 3000 years old.


An awesome poster, perfect for papering your room with images of the Doctor.


Next up, the Twelfth Doctor will travel the infamous Spice Route of Shalabar Scone, and across the path of the dangerous and nefarious Boabdil, the Lord of Lahn. Exciting features of the story include flying carpets, a very creepy selection of monsters, and of sorts of ruffians…all in between the pages of Doctor Who Adventures. The story comes from the talented trio of Jason Quinn, Russ Leach and John Burns.


A quiz to challenge your survival skills. How would you cope when faced with different enemies, from the Sandmen, the Veil, the Mire, and those pesky shape-shifting Zygons? Test yourself against your friends to see who would live to see daylight again.


One of the most popular recurring characters was Petronella Osgood, whose striped scarf and endearing habit of using her inhaler charmed viewers over several episodes. Here Osgood demonstrates how to make a Zygon mask in order to survive an invasion – or simply startle your parents.


Fun with scissors! Included in this issue are Clara, Time Lords, and the Veil, just right for cutting and playing with these sophisticated version of paper dolls.


Get the inside story on Ashildr, the fascinating Viking girl who cannot die, from the secret UNIT Archives. Ashildr changed the course of history – and Clara’s life – and any information is fascinating.


Everyone’s favorite potato head explains the secrets of the Darapok, the terrifying Nameless Mist, and the Skinks.


Tommy Donbavand from Scream Street pens a new tale of the Paternoster Gang – this time, a night on the town with the balladeer of Reading Gaol himself, Oscar Wilde.

On sale 4th February 2016, price UK £3.99, US $7.99



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