The latest episode of Doctor Who Series 7 has aired in the UK, but what did YOU think? Leave your thoughts on Dinosaurs On A Spaceship in the comments section below. Read Blogtor’s spoiler~free review of the story HERE.


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  1. Bit of fun! Enjoyed it way more than i thought. Odd that The Doctor allowed an avoidable death, not really his style, presuming this is a result of his travels alone

  2. Liked the episode. A little less than Asylum, but thoroughly enjoyed it. The only thing that bugged me was the Doctor willingly killing Solomon. Last week the daleks, now a man. He says 'no guns' but… So unless this sort of ruthlessness has a plot-point, I'm a little bit confused.

  3. A bit like Curse of the Blackspot last year, not bad just not as good as the season opener. My big beefs were the campy robots and the Doctor dispensing out justice IMHO.

    Props to Brian(Rory's Dad) a companion in the making…please.:) Rupert Graves role was too small but loved him and the Queen and thought the idea of a Silurian Ark was brilliant-yet very, very dark.

    I think it'll be the filler episode of the season-but next weeks looks great.

  4. Worst story of the Matt Smith era so far. Chris Chibnall shouldn't be allowed to write for the show again as hes just not up to it. A turkey of a script, some dreadful performances and shoddy effects and sets meant made for a horrible experience.

  5. I thought the script was a bit curate's egg – clunky and awkward dialogue and frankly puerile robots – I applaud writing for the family audience, but really, give us some credit. But that said, the darker moments were great – some exquisite acting from Matt Smith who can say a thousand words with a single look. I love the lightness he brings to the role with well written comedy moments, but the humour in this episode was too obvious and forced I felt. With that epic title and such an amazing premise this should have been a winner – but think it was an opportunity missed. Fab effects and CGI though!

  6. Dreadful.

    Asylum was brilliant, but this was like going from Androzani to Twin Dilemma all over again, except with a budget.

    Infantile tone and script, Disney music, kid's telly acting, and Carry On humour.

    Why does the Dr suddenly need a gang? A disjointed group of people that added little in the way of tension, darkness or depth to the script, rather just an excuse to do 'Dr meets Nefertiti'or 'Dr meets daft Dad of daft Rory'.

    Light entertainment indeed, Matt Smith's performance aside. It was pure JNT-era stuff. I'm looking at you Moffat.

  7. I loved it. I sometimes wonder as fans, what we look for in DW. This is quality TV, a rip roaring adventure that should be on the big screen. There are many £100m blockbusters that not even a third as good as this. Quality acting, script and effects. Brilliant.

  8. I loved the humour. I thought after last weeks episode we needed to get a little light hearted, fluffy fun. Though the killing of Tricey was sad for me as I really liked that Dinosaur.

    I am also probably the only one who did not think that The Doctor dispensing justice was out of character… Think about the kind of man Solomon was… he killed Tricey. Kidnapped Nefertiti to sell her just so he could make a tidy profit, was prepared to sell the Doctor for a price and killed all the Silurians on that ship…

    Not a very nice man and the Doctor could see he was a very lost cause in fact Solomon would have been revered as a Dalek, and the Daleks have been defeated by the Doctor several times. The Doctor had a choice … destroy the Dinosaurs and every other living thing that man collected or Solomon … who of us would say we would not have done the same thing?

    We got a good hint of what is to come to regarding the Ponds … Shame they had to bring Rory's dad so late in the game as he would have been a very funny companion. I think all in all it was a good episode to relieve the drama that has already been and the sadness that is to come.

  9. I need to rewatch and formulate a proper opinion. Right now I'm feeling rather "meh" about it.

    On initial watching it felt rushed and cluttered. I would've liked more Riddell and the Queen, Rory and Brian, and less Amy. Plus BBC America is horrible at commercial placement. Just when the action was ramping up, BOOM!

    We'll watch the HD version shortly. Hopefully it'll be better without commercials.

  10. The writing is terrible. The Doctor comes off as invincible. Never do that. It makes the Doctor boring and worthless. He should either have flaws, or obstacles worthy of his quest. This is just a romp. Maybe once in a while, that's fine. But every story is like this. Are they ever going to write a story where the Doctor is challenged by an opponent that rips chunks out of his life?

    So far this has been the worst season I've watched. Hope they get better. No more fun romps! PLEASE!


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