The official site has updated details about the opening episode of Doctor Who Series 8. Below you can find the cast list for Deep Breath which stars Peter Capaldi (The Doctor) and Jenna Coleman (Clara). Read Blogtor’s review of the episode HERE. For more pics, clips and news from Deep Breath, visit HERE.

  • Madame Vastra Neve McIntosh 
  • Strax Dan Starkey 
  • Jenny Catrin Stewart
  • Half-Face Man Peter Ferdinando 
  • Inspector Gregson Paul Hickey 
  • Alf Tony Way 
  • Elsie Maggie Service
  • Cabbie Mark Kempner 
  • Barney Brian Miller
  • Waiter Graham Duff 
  • Courtney Ellis George
  • Policeman Peter Hannah 
  • Footman Paul Kasey 
  • Fans will note that Brian Miller has already starred in Doctor Who (1983 story Snakedance) and was married to Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith). Miller has also provided Dalek voices in both Resurrection of the Daleks (1984) and Remembrance of the Daleks (1988).

    Actress Ellis George, who plays Coal Hill School pupil Courtney, will appear again in Series 8. Actor Samuel Anderson, who plays teacher Danny Pink, tweeted:  #teamtardis there’s a new member in the #whocrew my little sis



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