The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) have rated the opening episode of Doctor Who Series 8. Deep Breath has received a PG rating whilst the BBFC adds it contains: “mild violence, threat, innuendo, mild bad language.” Below you’ll find a breakdown of their rating, visit their website for further details HERE.

WARNING: Spoilers for Deep Breath follow!
There is some fighting with swords, as well as use of science fiction weapons. At one point, a robot is impaled, although the fact the character is a robot means there is no injury detail.
There are a number of scenes of mild threat, including a dinosaur running amok and alien robots threatening humans. There are several references to organs being ‘harvested’ by robots, as well as some sight of robots with human parts, although nothing gory is shown.

Mild references to flirting, as well as mild innuendo, including a woman thinking about muscular men doing ‘sports’.
There is one use of mild bad language (‘bloody’), as well as use of milder terms (‘hell’ and ‘God’).
The film also contains sight of someone holding their breath to the point of almost fainting, in order to evade detection and capture by alien robots, and brief sight of a naked statue.

The cinematic release of Deep Breath also includes an introduction and ‘behind the scenes’ extras and can be seen in selected cinemas around the world. Peter Capaldi’s debut episode airs on television on BBC One on Aug 23 at 7.50pm.



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