The San Diego Comic-Con was scheduled to happen this week but like a lot of events this year it has been cancelled.  Instead, North America’s largest fan convention has been replaced by a virtual event – Comic-Con@Home.   Organised by the same team that runs SDCC, this online event will be held from 22nd July through Sunday 26th.  Featuring 350 separate panels the full event will be available on Youtube at free and available to everyone around the world.

But Comic-Con@Home wouldn’t be a true convention without a Doctor Who event.  And what better discussion can Whovians debate than

Who’s the Best Doctor Who?

This ultimate argument which has raged across space and time for decades will be discussed, debated and decided (we personally doubt this) at the Comic-Con@Home panel.

Doctor Who fans worldwide will be able to follow along with this lively debate on Sunday July 26 at 1pm (PST). Opinionated and outspoken Whovians (Are there any other kind?) will rate the debate the pros and cons of all the Doctors before putting all to the test with a global fan vote to reveal the Best Doctor Who.

Who's The Best .... Doctor Who?
Who’s The Best …. Doctor Who?

Moderating the panel is CNN and BBC contributor Sandro Monetti, who has hosted Doctor Who fan panels at SDCC in recent years as well as fronting the Who’s The Best podcast which as features as guests Sylvester McCoy and David Tennant.  He will be joined by Julie O’Malley (The Finder of Impossible Things), Kristi Schoeman (SD Who Con), Johny Dyer (Time Traveller’s (UN) LTD.), Karen Glover (Time Traveller’s (UN) LTD.), and River Alexandra Song (Time Traveller’s (UN) LTD.).   The debate can be seen at: YouTube:

Sandro said: “From Gallifrey to the Gaslamp District, fans have long argued who tops the list of Tardis occupants and while the outcome is hard to predict, we can agree that all Whovians are in for a treat with this panel.”

Meanwhile, Who’s The Best Doctor Who Monster – a TV special in which Sylvester McCoy discusses the scariest creatures in the show’s history – is coming to new Roku and streaming channel Big Stream later this year.

Sandro Monetti and Sylvester McCoy
Sandro Monetti and Sylvester McCoy

Sunday’s Doctor Who debate at Comic-Con@Home is presented with the support of San Diego’s Who Con, an annual San Diego convention dedicated solely to Who.  This year’s convention is still scheduled for the 9-11th of October at Four Points Sheraton Hotel in San Diego.   Keep in touch at their website for any change in date.

You can catch Sandro’s Podcast – Who’s the Best on Stitcher and other podcast sites.

Follow Comic-Con@Home on Twitter at @Comic_Con.


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