The Doctor Who Series 8 finale, Death In Heaven, has aired – but what did YOU think? Please leave your comments in the section below and, obviously, if you haven’t seen it best not to read. Check out the What Did You Think? for Dark Water HERE.
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  1. I can't believe all that happened. It was like a bombardment of information. I sad that Missy didn't live and I kinda hate her for giving the coordinates to Galifrey but lied about it, like what friend does that.

  2. Very, erm, static. Everything happened while people stood around. Except for falling out of an aeroplane. Even that's involuntary movement. Oh, and the Iron Man scenes … sorry, Cyberman scenes.

  3. A very well-written and well-executed finale to a well-written and well-executed series (my only major grumble being that the Missy/Master Mystery was all a bit obvious and I'd been hoping for a different reveal).

    There was so much going on in this last episode it's hard to know where to start.

    Negatives: having thoroughly enjoyed Michelle Gomez's performance throughout the series and having reconciled myself to the fact that she was the Master and not someone else, it seems a shame to be saying goodbye to her so soon (although I suspect there's some wiggle-room there).

    Positives: everything else. Good pay-off to the series' central mystery; Michelle Gomez's bananas performance; a fitting resolution to Danny's story; tying up some loose ends with Clara; the Brigadier (!); saluting the Brigadier(!); the Master's final twist of the knife (and the Doctor's honest, raw reaction); and a little Christmas tease to lighten the mood at the end. Well played everyone involved, well played.

    Roll on Christmas and Series 9!

  4. I'm 50 50 on this finale. I liked missy's craziness and liked the cybermen as zombie-iron men. But I'm annoyed that yet again they find a way to bring back an old foe and immediately kill them all off as they've done many times with the Daleks. Now we're going to have to have ANOTHER way of bringing them back.

  5. It was a lot slower than most finales, but I left satisfied, so it did it's job. We knew it had to happen in one of these Christmas specials, so bring on the jolly one!

  6. I pretty much think it was incredible. it was a lot going on for sure. gonna have to watch it again, the danny/cyberman thing was difficult to swallow. on one hand i like the pure evil of the cybermen, on the other its interesting to see that upgrading doesn't end all emotions for a few. such as the scene with the brigadier cyberman at the end. goes to show that memories are deep i guess. but it sure takes the fear out of them.didn't like the flying cyberman tho, to marvel-esque. missy dead? not if the master is the master, he always has a plan. as for finding galifrey, its too soon, so i'm ok with missy lying. well done for a season round up. bring on xmas.

  7. Goes without saying, but…spoilers.

    Completely incoherent. The writing was like badly written fan fiction, completely beneath an actor of Capaldi's caliber. All world leaders in the event of an alien invasion cede authority to…an alien? Cybermen taking over corpses using water? Clara knows how to jury rig alien technology?

    The "Mistress" is just the latest dumbing down of the Master; the 'evil Mary Poppins bit' was PAINFUL. The whole 'promise of a soldier' bit REEKED of political propaganda that has ZERO place in Doctor Who. I'm not even touching the 'ending'. I cannot believe people are praising this.

    Overall, this felt less like Doctor Who and more like Buffy. There is a *vast* difference between drama and melodrama; Doctor Who is meant to be drama, and it isn't any more.

    This wasn't Doctor Who.

  8. Just excellent. A little leery about
    "Santa" and not convinced that Clara is gone for good, but otherwise terrific finale.

  9. There's an old adage in movies and TV called "SHOW, don't tell." I feel like Doctor Who really needs a lesson in that. This episode was a bunch of people talking about things happening we never really saw. That was very disappointing.

    Also the kid coming back from a mind storage computer with a body somehow, and through a weird heavenly gate thing, was super weird and silly.

    Loved the Master though, stop pretend killing her and bring her back.

  10. I won't echo the sentiments that it lacked the … gravity? … of other episodes, especially some of the more insane season finales. Characters standing around jawing is certainly a change of pace from all the running, but at least they were all up to something different, motivation-wise.

    But the weightiness issue, which I guess I don't care about but do understand, is interesting. Certainly this isn't a gutwrencher like Doomsday or End of Time, a tomb raider with a cliffhanger like Name of the Doctor, or something as utterly packed with codas as Journey's End.

    But it felt on par with Parting of the Ways (yeah, in spite of Eccleston's departure), more nuanced and less cheap than Big Bang, I liked it more than Wedding of River Song.

    It's a matter of what's been earned versus what hasn't – kind of like with Rose, this is Clara's second series so it's sort of her story to tell rather than the Doctor's. Capaldi and his run haven't quite earned that "look, everyone is showing up for a big to-do at the end" thing yet. Of course, it makes the Danny Pink stuff a bit superfluous, but all dramatic tension is manufactured tension. Clara can't hardly run off to live on Earth-Pete with a meta-crisis Matt Smith, now can she? So any romantic interlude she might have in her travels with The Doctor have to be possible tragedies.

    The Master survival loophole is interesting because it's a simultaneous Osgood loophole. All of time and space?

    No human corpses on earth opens up an interesting can of worms. How do you exhume for historical purposes? What about mummies? What about the embalmed, like Lenin? That's right up there with hard to ignore loose sci-fi like the Moon being a spider-infested egg.

    Michelle Gomez did the modern Master justice and was fun. And I like that it came down to a UNIT episode on a plane with jet Cybermen and zombie tropes. It always seems to come back to the Contemporary at the end.

  11. Still processing how I feel about the ep – overall positive, I think, bouncing between the fantastic performances from the leads and the "Oh come ON" moments like the Cyber-Brig or the TARDIS skydive. Overall feeling on this and the season is that I get that it's not really about the story, the story is just there to set up these character moments (which, again: fantastic), but you still kind of need to have a story and that story needs to make some measure of sense.

    Also, I've been thinking about this and I think… I think I'm ready to try a Cyberman story where Love does not, in fact, Save The Day. I know it's a big step, and it's a good story for them, but we've kinda done that a lot and I'm ready to try something new.

    But I don't want to sound too negative, because outside of the hand-wavey, just-go-with-it plotting and nonsensical "hey I think this would be cool" inserts, this season has been really, really good. Capaldi and Coleman have been excellent; both have really sold the impossible choices their characters have been faced with, and the dialogue between them has generally been top-notch. More please.

  12. Felt a little let down with the whole series.
    It had all the ingredients, but wasn't put together well. Great actors, good stories, poor effects, and poor production.
    I was hoping for better this series. But it ended up being one of the worst.
    I love the show, I hope it won't be cancelled now, because of this poor series.
    That said, it wasn't all bad. A couple of genuinely good episodes were in there.
    I really enjoyed 'Listen', a couple of others, like Mummy On The Orient Express was above average. The final two-parter was also above average, but not as good as previous finales.

    Please, Doctor Who production/management, get your act together. How can you not utilize the great actors and great stories to their full potential?

  13. Overall, the episode was very good. Not perfect, but still best series finale since Series 5 in my opinion.
    Missy was brilliant, but felt we didn't get to see enough of her.
    She'll come back obvs, hopefully with more to say and do. Clara/Danny story was sad, but felt more for Clara's loss then Danny's death. Danny and his storyline didn't really feel that important and was a rushed job with the kid at the end. Cybermen were awesome for once, though again, could've had more time with them. Good to see UNIT again. Doctor was fantastic this ep, Bond skydive, saving the day, smashing up TARDIS.
    Hopefully proper goodbye in Christmas special to Clara, as grew more fond of her this series, and ending wasn't most satisfying. But yes, overall I liked this final, had a RTD feel to it, including the Christmas tease.

  14. I have mixed opinion. It reminded me more of a Russell T. Davies finale, being all thrown together, and not always being believable. The payoff was very good, the end with the Doctor & Danny, and what each said & did. And there was some deep, deep stuff there. Maybe this was the worst finale by Moffat; not nearly as good as year's trio w/ the finale, the 50th special, and the Xmas special. Would have liked to known the backstory on how the Master/Missy survived, and got hooked up with the Cybermen. What happened to the Neithersphere, & how could Missy bounce back & forth between Earth & it? Did Missy have a Tardis? So Missy & Cybermen created the orig. concept of afterlife? Hard to believe. Cyberpollen? How did it convert the dead to Cybermen? So all the dead were converted, and all remains are now gone from every grave on Earth for good? Again not believable. What about the droids from Deep Breath? No trace of them? What about GUS? No mention of it, but it was 3W, Missy & Cybermen behind it, right? Lots, & lots of story treads left dangling & unanswered:
    *What's the deal with the Doctor always scribbling something in chalk? Just a 12th doctor trait, or something else going on?
    *The 12th Doctor's face? Another story arc to revisit? A reminder of what?
    *LISTEN? What was there hiding? Another story arc to revisit?
    *Orson Pink? Is Danny really dead, or where is he exactly? How was he able to send the boy back? B/c of bracelet? Not believable. How does Danny & Clara's future continue? Is she preggers w/ Danny's baby?
    *Why the fake co-oridinates to Galifrey? Why the lies to Clara about finding it?
    *What happens to Clara now?
    *Is Missy really dead? If not, how did she survive this, again?
    A lot to resolve in the Xmas special. Not sure how Santa figures into this. As usual, Moffat didn't reveal much in the trailer. Moffat always seems to deliver when it comes tying together story arcs, but it will be hard to do this time. I hope he delivers again.

  15. Finally. an episode this series I really enjoyed; "Death in Heaven".
    It had everything and more, including 'tip of the hat' elements to Iron Man, James Bond, Pacific Rim, Silence of the Lambs, classic Who (I could go on). Bravo.
    However I'm disappointed in the series portrayal of this bewildered Doctor.
    I accept the vulnerability and adjustment in episode one after his re-generation, but since there's no explanation or reason to forgive the Doc for having holes left in his mind, or as to why his character has developed into a 2,000 year old Doctor Doddery from dementia in time and space in every episode since, has been extremely frustrating to watch.
    I was so looking forward to a darker, dare I say forbidding tone for the new Doctor, not too far removed to that of Mr Capaldi's "Cardinal Richelieu" in The Musketeers, rather than a dainty Mr Magoo mincing in a Crombie and Dr Martens.
    I've been a fan of Doctor Who for a little over forty years, and had this episode finished with the Doctor's salute to the Cyberman "Brigadier", would have probably cried my eyes out (pretty close actually).
    Instead, there was an underwhelming "goodbye" from Clara, the same impossible girl who helped save his previous incarnations; a very big anti-climax in my opinion.
    Guess we'll have to see if Santa can jingle my bells on Christmas Day!

  16. Personally, I had a lot of fun with this episode. I liked the flying Cybermen (the daleks can do it, why shouldn't they). They were either going to fly using built-in jetpacks or their feet or superman style… whichever it was, someone would say it was a rip off of iron man, superman or rocketman. (or astro boy). Who cares, it was good.

    Missy was awesome and sold the master very well. The Brig was a nice touch I guess. The picture of him in the plane was good.

    A lot of funny bits here too. So overall I think it was pretty good. Perhaps Capaldi's best story so far.


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