Continuing the new Blogtor Who series is the episode commentary for Series 6 Episode 2, Day of the Moon. This audio is designed to play along whilst watching the episode. The commentaries are available to subscribe to on iTunes HERE and you can also download it HERE or use the player below.

PLEASE NOTE: The commentary does not include the ‘Next Time’ trail.

The Impossible Astronaut audio commentary


  1. I LOVE your audio comment. I'm watching each new episode twice now.
    Some of your comments really cracked me up "Love me" for instance. Keep em coming (:
    Cheers from Germany

  2. These commentaries are the second best thing on Saturday nights. Love Sandy's inability to remember Linton/Clinton/whatsisname. Can't wait to see what little Oliver gets up to after turning into a star(!) Keep up the excellent work fellas x


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