Torchwood - Kiss, Kiss, Bang Bang (c) BBC
Torchwood – Kiss, Kiss, Bang Bang (c) BBC

Torchwood: Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang

Broadcast on January 16th 2008 @ 9.00pm on BBC2 (4.22 viewers)

Torchwood would establish itself as the first series to successfully spin off from Doctor Who, series 1 having debuted in 2007. It was initially broadcast on BBC3, achieving record viewing figures for the channel, but with a second series commissioned it was promoted to the schedules of BBC2. The programme remains far more than simply ‘Doctor Who for adults’ but is a science fiction series unlike any other, although granted it is littered with sex and violence unsuitable for Doctor Who’s teatime family audience. Based in 21st Century Cardiff the series follows the Torchwood team who investigate extraterrestrial goings-on but the depth of the show is often found in the very human interactions between the team members themselves. As is customary a new television series would open with a bang!

James Marsters and John Barrowman - Torchwood (c) BBC
James Marsters and John Barrowman – Torchwood (c) BBC

The opening of the episode is excellent, humorous and effectively reintroduces Capt. Jack Harkness to the fold after his brief departure to appear in the conclusion of Doctor Who’s third series. The blowfish is a brilliant creation visually, perfect for the brief cameo and also succeeds in neatly introducing the quartet and their roles to potential new viewers. Whilst it appears the team are coping admirably in the absence of Jack, they still have a need for his skills but fortunately, he still knows how to make an entrance and he’s not the only one.

Memorable Moment

Well, there is only one really. Filmed in the Tiger Tiger nightclub/bar in Cardiff location fans, the scene is fairly self-explanatory and needs no description. James Marsters was a huge piece of casting, made famous for his appearance in the popular cult series ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and its spinoff ‘Angel’. This was a deliberate decision as the programme looked to appeal to fans of those popular US hits and grow the audience, particularly in America, much in the same way as Maisie Williams’ casting looked to catch the attention of ‘Game of Thrones’ fans. Marsters is having a hell of a time, thriving in this role, taking the character relatively seriously, with a tongue firmly in his cheek, oozing with wit and dynamism. His costume is almost as eye-catching as his performance with a customed Hussar jacket mirroring the image created by Jack’s RAF coat, suitably military but distressed and weathered. Capt. John Hart is certainly a unique and entertaining addition to the Torchwood universe.

James Masters - Torchwood - Kiss, Kiss, Bang Bang (c) BBC
James Masters – Torchwood – Kiss, Kiss, Bang Bang (c) BBC

Following the bar scene, the story meanders a little as the real reason for Capt. John Hart’s appearance is revealed. The episode ultimately serves to demonstrate to Jack that he made the right choice in returning to Cardiff, the temptations of the universe are less appealing than the camaraderie with his Torchwood team. As a result, the opening to the second series delivers a memorable episode which would cement Torchwood’s popularity with a fan base that remains loyal to this day.

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  1. You guys post too much erroneous content that it buried actual news content. Blogtor Who wasn’t so much a blog site as it was a Doctor Who news and review site. The incessant filler is annoying and makes it hard to filter what is actually important information. Loved how Cameron ran the site and knew how to control his content to balance out the news. Not sure I will continue visiting the new regime’s take on the Blogtor… If I wanted all the fluff, I would relegate myself to tumblr.

    • I disagree completely . This is a fun fresh take on a Dr Who blog. The ‘fluff’ is entertaining and easily separable from the reviews. Keep up the good work and keep enjoying Dr Who

      And John – erroneous doesn’t mean what you think it means


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