A new biography of David Whitaker reveals more about one of classic Doctor Who’s most important writers

A new biography of one of the most pivotal figures in Doctor Who history arrives in November, just in time to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of his world changing achievement. David Whitaker in an Exciting Adventure with Television is by Simon Guerrier, himself no stranger to writing for the Doctor. Whitaker, as much as anybody else, helped shape a vague idea into a concept which still endures six decades later. Now Guerrier explores his fascinating life and work. A launch to support the new book is taking place at the Portico Library in Manchester on the 9th of November. Biographer Simon Guerrier will be on hand, interviewed by Carol Ann Whitehead, while books will be on sale for those hoping to grab an early copy.

The event takes place from 6-7pm and you can book your tickets here.

David Whitaker in an Exciting Adventure with Television joins the recently published Pull to Open by Paul Hayes in publisher Ten Acre Films’ celebration of Who’s Diamond Anniversary. The meticulously researched and compelling told wider story of the show’s creation in 1963, it’s another must for every fan.


David Whitaker in an Exciting Adventure with Television

To celebrate 60 years of Doctor Who, discover the extraordinary, little-known life of one of its chief architects: David Whitaker. As the show’s first story editor, he helped to establish the compelling blend of adventure, imagination and quirky humour that made — and continues to make — Doctor Who a hit. David commissioned the first Dalek story, and fought for it to be made when his bosses didn’t like it. Regeneration, the TARDIS being alive, the idea of Doctor Who expanding to become a multimedia phenomenon in comics, books and films… David Whitaker was all over it.

Yet very little was known about this key figure in Doctor Who history — until now. Why did he fall out with Irving Berlin? Was he really engaged to Yootha Joyce? And how did an assignment to Moscow badly affect his career?


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