The Fans Have Spoken! David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor has been voted the Best TV Character of the 21st Century in a poll held by Digital Spy.

Digital Spy picked 70 fictional TV characters and asked the fans to vote for their favourites. Just to narrow it down, the characters chosen were predominantly from the year 2000 onwards.

It was a tough competition as many iconic characters were on the list including Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock), Dexter Morgan (Dexter), Walter White (Breaking Bad), Malcolm Tucker (The Thick of It) and of course the Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who)

After a tense battle, David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor took home the prize of Best TV Character of the 21st Century with a whopping 35,000 votes out of 241,000 votes total.

Coming in second place is Misha Collins’ Castiel (Supernatural) with 32,000 votes and Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes finished in third place with 13,000 votes.

For a complete list visit Digital Spy.


  1. Comes as no surprise! David Tennant was the one who got me hooked on Dr. Who and he is still is the best of the doctors. I’ve watched the re-runs plenty of times and haven’t changed my opinion. David has also made some other excellent television shows, including the ‘Broadchurch’ series, but he will always be most loved as the Tenth Doctor – ood for you, David!


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