Netflix have released two new trailers for its international crime drama Criminal, featuring David Tennant

The popular online streaming service, Netflix have announced that all episodes of its new police drama Criminal will arrive on the 20th of September. They have also released two new trailers for the twelve part series, which will be set entirely in the interrogation rooms of four police stations across Europe. Former Doctor Who David Tennant is among the stars, appearing as a suspect engaged in a game of cat and mouse with the interrogators convinced of his guilt. But has he really committed the terrible crime of which he’s suspected?

While Tennant’s part as a suspect is a reversal of his famous role as DCI Hardy in Broadchurch, among those taking his former place on the other side of the table is Class star Katherine Kelly. With Kelly’s Miss Quill generally agreed as the best thing about the Doctor Who spin-off, Criminal promises to feature compelling clashes between the two. While each episode follows a different case, three of the episodes will be set in the same police station with Kelly likely to feature in all three. Another of the episodes will also star Hayley Atwell, who as well as her famous role as Peggy Carter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has appeared in several Big Finish plays such as Blood of the Daleks.


Little else about the series is known so far, with details of the crimes and suspects being kept under wraps for now. However, it promises to be tense and full of twists and turns. After all, Criminal is from the mind of George Kay – one of the writers of the smash hit Killing Eve.

Criminal arrives on Netflix on the 20th of September, with all episodes available to stream from then.


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