The teaser trailer for Around the World in 80 Days reveals David Tennant in fine action comedy form

PBS Masterpiece have released the first teaser trailer for their new adaptation of Around the World in 80 Days. Based on the classic Jules Verne novel, it stars Doctor Who’s David Tennant as unlikely hero Phineas Fogg. The Victorian gentleman is obsessed with precision, numbers, and detail, but has little experience of the world outside his door. Yet, thanks to making an ill advised £20,000 bet, he undertakes a quest to circumnavigate the Earth in only eighty days. A task which, in Verne’s time of steam powered trains and ships, bordered on the fantastical.

The new trailer highlights one of the main departures the new adaptation takes from the novel. Leonie Benesch joins the cast as Abigail Fix, in place of the novel’s Detective Fix of Scotland Yard. Instead of a policeman who wrongly believes Fogg has stolen £20,000 from the Bank of England but who nevertheless finds himself giving the eccentric all the help he can to get home, though, she’s the journalist whose piece originally inspired Fogg’s global dash and accompanies him to document it. Like her literary forerunner, however, she may face a difficult choice about her true loyalties before the adventure is over.

Around the World in 80 Days is due to arrive on PBS Masterpiece and BBC One later this year

The trailer also highlights David Tennant’s longstanding ability since Doctor Who to move back and forth between two worlds. Fresh from his National Television Award win for his unsettling portrayal of serial killer Dennis Nilsen, he’s firmly back in comedic adventure mode for Around the World in 80 Days. And this shortly before he flips back to playing a country vicar with a dark secret in Steven Moffat’s Inside Man, and then back once more to the devilishly charismatic Crowley in Good Omens 2.

There’s no firm broadcast date for the new Around the World in 80 Days yet. But we do know it’s coming to PBS Masterpiece in the United States, and to BBC One in the United Kingdom, sometime later this year.


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