Former Doctor Who David Tennant took part in David Walliams’ 24 Hour Panel People – a fundraising event in aid of Comic Relief. Tennant was a guest on two segments: the first was Through The Keyhole, pictured here with Sir David Frost, Ann Widdecombe (The Sound of Drums), Patricia Hodge and David Walliams, and the second was Blankety Blank (pictures to follow tomorrow). Click on the images for bigger versions.


Walliams is to star in an upcoming story later this year – read more about his appearance in Doctor Who HERE. Various parts from 24 Hour Panel People will screened on the BBC at a later date. Also airing on Comic Relief night are two new mini episodes of Doctor Who called Time and Space – read more about them HERE.

Thanks to BBC Pictures


  1. The mere mention of David Tennant always brings out the rudest posters. The next poster to complain about his dress sense should be made to wear the sixth Doctor's costume all day to work.

  2. Lol Anonymous. Well said. Honestly the man is giving up his time because he cares so much to help a worthy charity and all someone can do is carry on about his wardrobe. Goodness get some perspective.

  3. I can't see how that shows how he dresses ridiculously.
    Seriously, a jacket…that's typical. A white button up…that's typical. Is it the tie? Hmmm…I find that unique…oh wait…I guess people these days can't handle it when someone makes a fashion statement of their own. Jeez, grow up, it's people like you that make people think that clothes define a person. *shakes head*

  4. actually, he's probably a hell of a lot more comfortable with himself and doesn't give a rip what people think than you do. He always dresses with a style that is unique to himself and always looks lovely 🙂

  5. i think he dresses to what suits him he is so gorgeous an good looking he can dress in what ever an still look great id like to see others opull it off they have no S T Y L E dt does an always will 😀

  6. Well i think he always looks good. He is his own person. He seemed very happy and was a fantastic addition. He brought in sooo many more veiwers who watched just for him, and raised a shed load for RDN. Well done DT!!

  7. Nothing wrong with David's appearance.Just because he chose a patterned tie is no reason for criticsim. He looked very happy and in the interview after the show was pleasant and responded well to viewers requests. I think he is a great ambassador for RND and will tune in next week to watch him. He is a great actor and person.

  8. Gosh! I never wrote anything about David not being a good actor, or a good person, or said something mean about him doing a GOOD thing for charity. On the contrary, I think he is a brilliant actor, and the best Doctor. I just don't like his velvet suit and tie – kill me. wait! you already trashed my opinion above.


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