So a miracle has happened, David Tennant is on social media or rather is his new podcast is.

Georgia Tennant who has created quite a following for herself on Twitter and Instagram announced yesterday that her husband David Tennant will be hosting a new podcast – David Tennant Does a Podcast with the…    The podcast is created in association with Somethin’ Else and No Mystery Productions will feature David Tennant in conversation with a list of guest including Whoopi Goldberg, Olivia Colman, Jon Hamm, Jodie Whittaker, Krysten Ritter, Michael Sheen, Samantha Bee, Gordon Brown and Ian McKellen.

So how do you get it?  Well you subscribe on iTunes at David Tennant Does a Podcast with the…    as well as follow his podcast’s new (wait for it) social media accounts.

Oh as of this publication “they” haven’t unlocked the Twitter and Instagram account from private. 

BTW – You can use EITHER lower case or upper case for the social media accounts.

Oh and while you are at it.  Follow Georgia too.  She is a funny lady and will be sure to give you a laugh.


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