David Tennant, who some readers may remember as the actor to play The Tenth Doctor, has returned to the world of Doctor Who by presenting a special feature on the new six~disc DVD box set, Revisitations 2. Stories included are: The Seeds of Death, Carnival Of Monsters and Resurrection of the Daleks. See Davey T dressed in the Fifth Doctor’s jacket below:

Tennant fronts an excellent documentary looking at Peter Davison’s time in the TARDIS, Come In Number Five. Lasting almost an hour, the extra also features the aforementioned Davison, Steven Moffat, Janet Fielding and many more. There’ll be more previews of Revisitations 2 coming in the weeks to come.

is released March 28th


  1. @Ruud
    Tennant will forever be associated with Doctor Who so he might as well narrate a 60 min documentary… Why ever not?

    Other Doctors don't even bother doing a single audio commentary while they have the role.

  2. Thank you for this. David looks like he's been ill – he's skinnier than ever. Must be the upcoming wedding and fatherhood.

  3. Tennant is A FAN they made that perfectly clear years ago, and he already recorded a commentary for The Five Doctors. And he long established that Davison was his favorite Doctor, long before he met Georgia. So why the knocking for him keeping his hand in. And the thing was recorded long before they were engaged. They don't record these things a few months ago – he did this last summer or something like that.

  4. David is great at Narrating and I'm
    looking Forward to watching this he will Always be my Doctor maybe he had a bad cold he never stops working Does he and he's so happy he's getting Married and going to become a Dad

  5. I think DT is an excellent commentator and that's why he's picked for SO MANY things. He's said A LONG TIME AGO that PD was his Doctor and that was before he met Georgia, it's got nothing to do with him marrying her. His presence in a documentary with DW brings an interesting correlation between him having been the 10th Doctor and his interest in the show as well. He always makes things sound very interesting when he narrates. Plus, he's just nice to look at 🙂
    good work DT!

  6. Really looking forward to this! DT is so knowledgeable and has always been a Fifth Doctor fan. He is the perfect choice!

  7. I can't wait for to hit the states! It's trule what they say "Clothes (And a haircut) make the man"! He still looks good, but he looks NOTHING like "The Doctor" to my eyes anymore. Funny how that happens isn't it? Still, Peter Davison is (and forever shall be) MY Doctor, but I have to say that David Tennant is a half-step behind him. When "Timecrash" aired, I just about wet myself with fanboy excitement! Two of the absolute BEST Doctors together in ONE palce? What's not to love?

    Georgia aside, I think David is the PERFECT choice for the Presenting duties on this documentary. One need look NO farther than his "Nevermind The Buzzcocks" episode and his STELLAR Tun behind the desk a few years ago on "The Friday Night Project" to see that he definitely has a hosting gig in his future if he ever wanted it!

  8. Looking forward to buying this box set. DT is a brilliant commentator – who else could possibly do it as well? DT is my personal fave as the Doctor and a huge DW fan to boot – just listen to his commentary on the Five Doctors if you have any doubts. Thanks for the preview Blogtor Who.

  9. Hmmm… I thought Doc #4 (Baker) was DT's favorite, regardless of what Moffat wrote for #10 to say in Time Crash. And yeah, David looks a bit tired; Single Father was probably hard on him, don't you think? (He gets so into his roles–such a good actor!)

  10. Glad that it's not only me who noticed how worn he looks since about a year ago. Recently, I also think it's the upcoming wedding and fatherhood that causes this. Guess there must have been other things as well (not discussing this here).

  11. DT never said who his favourite Doctor is. Just that "his first" is Tom Baker and then he loved Peter Davison as well.

    I don't think he looks tired. These aren't publicity shots but screenshots – he's in mid sentence! He looks better and healthier than during the Specials, if you ask me…

    And I agree he's an excellent choice for this. They can be lucky to have him. 😀

    It always makes me sad how some "fans" turned on him. What a hateful fandom! I'll continue to follow his work, because I think he's a brilliant actor with lots of passion for what he does.

  12. "Doesn't he look tired". Honestly, some people!

    This was filmed months and months ago. I've seen him giving interviews etc since engagement/baby were announced and he looked positively glowing!! I don't think we have to worry, there, folks. And yes – I think it is great he is doing this and I'm glad he's still happy and willing to do things associated with Doctor Who.

  13. @Ruud His time has gone? Since when?? He can do all the DW related stuff he wants, IMO. Yes, his tenure is over, but he will always be known as the Doctor – and he's a HUGE DW fanboy to boot! He's been doing audiobooks, narrating documentaries, and working as a voice over artist for years – he's the perfect choice for something like this.

    Plus – he looks great! Sheesh… how soon the fans turn… :o/

  14. If I was Peter Davison, I'd be completely weirded out. Tennant loves getting inside everything about Davison… first his daughter, then his coat…

  15. BlogtorWho, thanks for posting these screencaps. I am just dorky enough to have giggled about having my own pic in front of that BBC TARDIS. 🙂

  16. How is it "turning" to be concerned about someone we care about?? Look up Heath Ledger's and Natalie Portman's comments about their Dark Knight and Black Swan roles. Certain roles are very hard on great actors. And BTW, David still looks great!!! No argument there!!!

  17. Davud Tennant is a great narrator and was the best Doctor Who. Of course he looks older now he began to be Doctor Who over five years ago. Stop knocking him. We all age. I shall always watch his work and think he's great. will watch out for this new Revisitations feature.

  18. David will always be my Doctor but I've really enjoyed following all his new projects, and look forward to seeing him in Much Ado About Nothing later this year. And recent sightings show him looking as hot and youthful as ever and he's positively glowing so I wouldn't worry, people. He's at a happy place in his life and it certainly shows 🙂

  19. 5736.3 Rassilon Era (142)
    Tuesday, 11th of March, 6027 Anno Mundi Vulgaris
    Dies Martis, 23rd of Februarius, 2764 Ab Urbe Condita
    Tuesday, 8th of March, 2011 Common Era
    @ 16:30 Universal Time Coordinated.
    Greetings Fellow Gallifreyans!!
    The thing is
    that even death
    does not make one
    a "former Doctor Who actor".
    Take "the first three Doctors"
    for an example.
    Many times I have seen
    William Harnell's,
    Patrick Troughton's,
    Jon Pertwee's names
    in the credits
    and they have been dead for years!!
    Anytime David Tennant
    can be in a multi-Doctor episode
    then more power to him!!
    Thank you and Allons-y!!
    The Professor Dalen Rune.


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