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David Tennant is the New Loki (in Sandman, That Is…)

David Tennant is joining the cast of audio drama The Sandman as Loki

David Tennant has joined the cast of Audible’s Sandman adaptation as the God of Mischief

The cast for the second volume of Audible’s full cast audio drama adaptations of The Sandman has now been announced. And some very familiar names are among the cast. Chief among them is former Tenth Doctor David Tennant. The Doctor Who and Good Omens star will be playing the Norse god Loki. While the character is currently famous thanks to Tom Hiddleston’s performance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (most notably in the recent, and distinctly Doctor Who-ish Disney+ series) as a genuine mythological figure versions of him have also appeared in DC Comics down the years.

The series adapts the seminal DC comic book series written by Neil Gaiman, who also wrote the Doctor Who episodes The Doctor’s Wife and Nightmare in Silver. It tells the tale of Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams, and the various dramas and tragedies that swirl around him when he escapes a century long imprisonment and sets out to repair the damage to his realm. The Audible audio drama is one of two adaptations currently underway, with a slightly looser, live action version also currently in production from Netflix.

Tennant’s version of Loki is an antagonist to the series’ central character of Morpheus (James McAvoy). When Lucifer (The Doctor’s Wife’s Michael Sheen) abandons the throne of Hell, Loki, along with his father Odin (Vincent and the Doctor’s Bill Nighy) and brother Thor (noted Doctor Who fan Mitch Benn) are among those arriving to try and claim it for themselves. But Lucifer has cursed Morpheus with the role of arbitrating the succession. And Loki’s cunning and mischief will ultimately have repercussions that echo down the rest of the series.


Arthur Darvill (seen here as Mestipholes in Dr. Faustus) plays Shakespeare in The Sandman (c) Shakespeare's Globe Neil Gaiman Audible
Arthur Darvill (seen here as Mestipholes in Dr. Faustus) plays Shakespeare in The Sandman (c) Shakespeare’s Globe

Other Doctor Who stars such as Arthur Darvill and Louise Jameson also feature in the impressive cast

And David Tennant is just one of several Doctor Who alumni who will be appearing. As already mentioned Tennant’s Good Omens and Staged co-star Michael Sheen will be changing sides and getting a serious promotion as Lucifer Morningstar, the disaffected former King of Hell. While Bill Nighy, who played Dr. Black in Vincent and the Doctor, will be the ruthless and cunning Allfather of the Norse gods. But Arthur Darvill, former companion Rory, will be playing William Shakespeare, who encounters Morpheus when the Dream Lord takes a special interest in the playwright’s career. And another companion, Louise Jameson who played Leela opposite Tom Baker’s Doctor, will be among those walking the corridors of a school to which the dead have returned following Hell’s closure.

Meanwhile, Joanna Lumley, who played one of the Doctor’s future regenerations in Steven Moffat’s The Curse of Fatal Death, is Lady Johanna Constantine. (A role, coincidentally, Jenna Coleman plays in the upcoming Netflix live action version).

Elsewhere in the cast, Patterson Joseph (Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways) is the demon Chronozon, another competitor for the key to Hell; Kevin McNally (The Twin Dilemma) is Wilkinson, a talking shrew in a fantasy world called The Land; Jessica Martin (The Greatest Show in the Galaxy) is Luz, a talking dodo that also lives in The Land; and Annette Badland (Aliens of London/World War Three, Boom Town) plays Mrs. Mann, a transphobic mother whose daughter Wanda (Reece Lyons) has run to the big city to escape from. Meanwhile Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy actor, and David Tennant’s mother-in-law, Sandra Dickinson, plays one of the three Fates.

Finally, Neil Gaiman himself will voice the Narrator.


You can see the full rundown of the cast from legendary audio producer Dick Maggs here

The Sandman Act II will be available on Audible from the 22nd of September and is available for pre-order now. The Sandman Act I is available for free in the US for a limited time only.







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