Included here are promotional pictures from Single Father, a BBC One drama starring David Tennant and Suranne Jones. At the moment there is no air date for the four~parter, but it is due to screen during October. The cast also includes Laura Fraser, Rupert Graves, Warren Brown, Neve McIntosh, Mark Heap, Jenni Keenan Green, Sophie Kennedy Clark and Natasha Watson, among others. As always, click on the images for bigger versions.

Thanks to BBC Pictures


  1. Thank you so much for sharing these!

    Sideburns were a "trademark"of the 10th Doctor; he's not the Doctor any longer. He didn't have sideburns for Hamlet either.

  2. Yeah, he really only wore the sideburns in a non-Doctor role when there was not enough time to re-grow them before Doctor Who filming started up again.

    And…wow…I'd love to say something else coherent, but he just looks too lovely in these pictures. *sighs and stares*

  3. Hold up now, there was definite 'burn action, long before Who was a possibility, during Blackpool. They only became a trademark because he brought himself to the production. They'll, probably, turn up again some day…

    Thanks for the photos!

  4. Thanks for these pics. Lovely. But I'm in the US. How do I get to see "Single Father"? Will it be shown on BBC America?


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