BBC Two has posted a preview of DAVID TENNANT in Hamlet, due to be broadcast on Boxing Day. See it in the player below and you can read the Blogtor review of the RSC production in Stratford (featuring Davey T) HERE. Click on the pic above for a bigger, juicier version.


  1. Whoa. I've been pretty vocal about how I hate that it was Jude Law's version of Hamlet that made it to Broadway, but dang, that preview was just over a minute, and I almost dozed off.

    The :15 teaser they cut for Jude stateside here on local tv is way better. Mind, it didn't get me to go see him. But still.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this international version. I saw this on the BBC page but as usual it was unavailable outside the UK. I wanted to see it so badly. Your blog is providing a true service to us non-UK types.

  3. I am so thank for to you for this!! I actually got to see DT in Hamlet at the Novello on the last night of the performance! This is so cool!! It was awesome, DT was awesome…this clip doesn't show that DT's Hamlet also had a lot of humor in it…it's not as boring as you would think. His Hamlet makes you actually like him and feel sorry for him, not like the other whiney Hamlets that I have seen, you will actually LIKE this Hamlet!


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