The BBC have issued promotional pictures of actor David Tennant from the BBC Two series, Fry’s Planet Word – click on the images below for bigger versions. Oddly it looks like Tennant is paying tribute to the costume of Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor.

Episode 5, The Power And The Glory, sees Stephen Fry interview the former Doctor Who regarding the role of Hamlet (which Tennant played in 2008). Also popping up in the show are Brian Blessed (King Yrcanos in Trial of a Time Lord) and Richard Curtis (writer of Vincent and The Doctor).

Fry’s Planet Word Episode 5
airs 9pm Oct 23 on BBC Two

Rose audio commentary
Hamlet promo pics
David Tennant on Fry’s Planet Word
Hamlet screengrabs
David Tennant in Hamlet
BLOGTOR’S REVIEW: Hamlet @ The RSC, Stratford


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