Writer Cavan Scott has announced that the former Doctor Who duo will be the readers of two new Warhammer audio book series

Warhammer started life as wildly popular board game from Games Workshop, before expanding into spin-off games such as Warhammer 40,000 and into a wide range of fiction such as comics and novels. Since 1997 The Black Library has been Games Workshop’s publishing arm, turning the games into a vibrant multiverse of adventure. Recently a new strand, Warhammer Adventures, have been added to allow younger readers enjoy some less violent Warhammer tales. Now two Warhammer Adventures audio book series have been announced, each set in a different Warhammer world. Each of these is read by a different famous Doctor Who name.

Attack of the Necron. Cover by Cole Marchetti and Magnus Norén (c) The Black Library
Attack of the Necron. Cover by Cole Marchetti and Magnus Norén (c) The Black Library

The Warped Galaxies series is read by David Tennant

The Tenth Doctor Who himself, David Tennant, will read the Warped Galaxies series by Cavan Scott, starting with first novel Attack of the Necron. Warped Galaxies is set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. It tells the tale of three young people desperately looking for a place of safety after their home planets are ripped apart by war. The series is set in the 41st century where a vast human empire retains the advanced technology of previous ages. But which has fallen into an intellectual dark age of superstition and xenophobia. This empire is engaged in endless war with the Necron, once biological aliens who lost their emotions and humanity when they attempted to extend their lives by transferring their minds to robot bodies.

You can hear a preview of Attack of the Necron below.

City of Lifestone. Cover by Cole Marchetti and Magnus Norén (c) The Black Library
City of Lifestone. Cover by Cole Marchetti and Magnus Norén (c) The Black Library

Realm Quest is read by Billie Piper

Meanwhile Billie Piper, Doctor Who’s former Rose Tyler, will read the Realm Quest series by Tom Huddleston. Realm Quest is set in Warhammer’s Age of Sigmar universe. This is a reboot of the traditional Warhammer universe, in which the god Sigmar has created an elite force of humans called the Stormcast Eternals to battle the forces of Chaos and Destruction which threaten the Mortal Realms.  In first novel City of Lifestone, Kiri is a runaway slave who makes it back to her hometown of Lifestone. But she finds the entire city living under a terrible curse, and must unite with a diverse group of other children whom prophecy claims can save the city.

You can hear a preview of City of Lifestone below.

Both audio books are set to be released in February 2019, price £8.33 each.


Attack of the Necron

On the hive world of Targian, Zelia Lor helps her mother search for ancient tech, digging up treasures of the past on the wind-blown plains. They are happy. They are safe. All that changes when the Necrons attack. Without warning, a host of robotic ships appear in the skies above Targian and rip the planet apart. Separated from her mother, Zelia must escape the doomed world, her only hope a scrambled transmission promising safety at a mysterious place known only as the Emperor’s Seat. Launched in an escape pod, she crashes on an icy wasteland far, far from home. But Zelia is not alone. She is joined by a rag-tag group of survivors – the street-tough juve Talen, gadget-obsessed Martian boy Mekki and super-intelligent alien-ape, Fleapit.

City of Lifestone

Raised as a slave in the Darkoath camps of Aqshy, Kiri dreams of a better life. Of a city of wonders, the place of her birth… Lifestone! She despairs of ever reaching it until a fateful day arrives when her barbarian captors are attacked by Sigmar’s noblest warriors, the Stormcast Eternals. Seizing her chance, Kiri flees through a mysterious realmgate that takes her far from the fiery lands of Aqshy. She arrives in the realm of Ghyran and finds the city of Lifestone. But a curse lies on this place, withering its noble spirit. Her path leads her to a special group of children who, like her, are realm-marked – the prophecised saviours of Lifestone. There’s Thanis, the fighter; Alish, the inventor; Kaspar; the sneak and Elio, the healer. But dark forces are allying against the children and will do anything to stop them achieving their destiny.


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