Actor David Harewood was a guest on the ITV1 “show” Loose Women yesterday and during it he was asked by the “presenters” if he thought there could be a “black Doctor Who” and if he was interested in the role – watch a clip in the player above. Older readers may remember Harewood starred as Joshua Naismith in The End of Time. Thanks to Daren Thomas Curley for the clip.

Toby Stephens talks 12th Doctor

Dominic Cooper interested in playing The 12th Doctor


  1. They could do worse. I only know the guy from his brief turn as Naismith, but he seems to have charisma and the ladies like him, so that's two battles won right there for being the next Doctor.

  2. Oh boy, don't let Will Smith hear, he'll start promoting his son as the next Doctor.

    I like this guy, and he's different from the usual "Paterson" rumours (not that I have anything against Paterson).

  3. no, no, no, no, no! The only thing the doctor has to be next is a ginger man. Even the Doctor wants this

  4. You do realise that pushing forward for a ''black'' Doctor is racist, don't you?
    There's never a campaign for a ''brown'' Doctor, is there.


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