The Next Time trailer for the first part of the Doctor Who Series 8 finale certainly had a lot going on. Check out the images here from Dark Water, click on them for bigger versions. Watch the trailer HERE.


  1. People keep speculating on who Missy is. I don't know if anyone else noticed, but during the 50th Anniversary episode when Clara exits the picture of Gallifrey – there is amother woman's hand on the frame that cannot be Clara's due to the perspective and the way it grabs the frame. Could Missy be someone else from Gallifrey that has been plotting since the events of the 50th, hence the London setting?

  2. That hand always bothered me too, but I had just assumed it was to help with the 3D aspects of the special. To give a deeper feeling of depth. But, that would be cool if Missy "escaped" from the painting.

  3. I thought she was supposed to be the Guardian of the Nethersphere… That's been out in the open though.

  4. My money is on her being The Master. Timelords can change gender, and she does look a little bit like Roger Delgado as well as having a John Simm level of silliness/insanity.


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