Included below is the cast list for Doctor Who Series 8, Episode 11, Dark Water. For more pics, clips and news from the Doctor Who Series 8 finale, click HERE.

The Doctor – Peter Capaldi
Clara – Jenna Coleman
Danny – Samuel Anderson
Missy – Michelle Gomez
Woman – Joan Blackham
Gran – Sheila Reid
Seb – Chris Addison
Dr Chang – Andrew Leung
Fleming – Bradley Ford
Boy – Antonio Bourouphael
Cyberman – Jeremiah Krage
Mr Armitage – Nigel Betts
Voice of the Cybermen – Nicholas Briggs
Dark Water airs Nov 1 on BBC One at 8.15pm


  1. Ooh, well if what you say is true Cam, I am *very* concerned about who is minding the shop!! Those penny chews don't sell themselves!

  2. Especially in light of the image chosen to go with this item I am surprised no one seems to be asking whether Handles is coming back!


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