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Dan Slott’s Doctor Who Comic: New Cover and Preview

Doctor Who: Once Upon a Time Lord. Cover by Christopher Jones (c) Titan Comics

The award winning Spider-Man writer’s first Doctor Who comic arrives in October

Eisner Award winning comic writer, and long time Doctor Who fan, Dan Slott is finally doing a Who comic of his very own. Originally slated for last year, his special Tenth Doctor issue will now appear in October from Titan Comics. Presumably the change is to better tie in with David Tennant’s return to television. Fresh details about the issue have landed this week, including an official synopsis, title, a new cover, and preview pages. We also have new information about the format we should expect.

The new cover is by Christopher Jones, who also provides the interior art on the lead story. It’s unclear if this a new variant in addition to the previously released Adam Hughes cover. However the change to the new diamond logo may well have necessitated replacing the Hughes composition. The cover also reveals the book’s title, Once Upon a Time Lord. Meanwhile, the synopsis describes the story’s framing sequence of a captive Martha Jones sharing stories of past adventures with the Doctor.


Once Upon a Time Lord. Art by Christopher Jones <yoastmark class=

“Everything, including the kitchen sink, is going into this one!”

The 64 page hardcover volume will also be a back-up story by Slott featuring the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler, with art by Matthew Dow Smith. You can pre-order Once Upon a Time Lord now from all the usual retailers. This is the first of three specials by Dan Slott in Titan Comics’ plans. The others are scheduled for 2024 and 2025, making these effectively annuals in parallel to Titan’s main Doctor Who range.

There are plenty of reasons for Who fans unfamiliar with his work to be excited that Dan Slott is getting a chance to play in the Doctor Who sandbox. He is best known for having the longest run on Amazing Spider-Man. His era on the book included both the Superior Spider-Man storyline and the original Spider-Verse comics. He’s also the current writer on Marvel’s Fantastic Four.

Meanwhile, his run of Silver Surfer was nominated for an Eisner and he’s written often acclaimed runs of She-Hulk, Tony Stark: Iron Man, Mighty Avengers, Avengers: The Initiative, The Thing, Batman Adventures, Ren & Stimpy, and Arkham Asylum: Living Hell.

Slott describes Doctor Who as his “favourite TV show of all time.” And of Upon Upon a Time Lord he says, “I’m treating this like this is my one and only shot to write for the Doctor. Everything, including the kitchen sink, is going into this one! Time travel, space travel, monsters from both the new and classic eras, and all-new baddies as well!” And the new cover certainly speaks to that sense of joy and celebration!


Doctor Who: Once Upon a Time Lord

An epic story that sees companion Martha Jones captured by the insatiable Pyromeths, and her only hope for survival is to keep them distracted with sensational untold tales of the Tenth Doctor facing off against his greatest foes– both classic and new!

Witness the incredible adventures of the Tenth Doctor like never-before! You’ll be on the edge of your TARDIS as she recounts three unbelievable tales of The Doctor facing off against his deadliest foes!

Bursting straight out of the long-running hit television series, this Doctor Who collection continues the time-travelling tales of the Doctor and friends.

Buy it, read it, then travel back in time to read it for the first time all over again…!



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