British comic icon Dan Dare comes to Big Finish in December – here is the run down on what we know!

Dan Dare was created by British illustrator Frank Hampson, who guided the character through his beginnings. Fondly described as the British answer to Buck Rogers, the character has enjoyed immense popularity since as far back as the 1950’s. However, set in the 1990’s, Dan Dares adventures have gone on to inspire many characters in other media. After all, in ‘Writing Television Drama’ by BBC script editor Nicholas Gibbs, script notes quote Captain Jack Harkness as having “the jawline of Dan Dare” with a smile just the same. Obviously, physical similarities would not come across in a Big Finish production – but there is hope for roguish heroics.

A Collaboration

Furthermore, the Doctor Who connections do not end there. Big Finish executive producer and voice of the Daleks Nicholas Briggs is once again at work. Briggs and Big Finish are working closely with B7 Media to resurrect the character. On this new addition to the Big Finish collection, Briggs states: “We’re delighted to be releasing Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future on the Big Finish site. I’ve been a massive fan of Dan Dare for years. The way B7 have reinvented it is spot on.” Briggs speaks very much in the spirit of Doctor Who. Reinvention is key to the survival of any long standing franchise. Dan Dare, in all its glory, looks set to enter a new and exciting era.

B7 Media Producer and Director Andrew Mark Sewell adds: “The opportunity to realise Dan Dare for audio, and to partner once more with Big Finish, was an opportunity too great to turn down. Audio is unquestionably the perfect home to deliver truly epic Dan Dare audio adventures that are the embodiment its comic book inspiration.” Sewell is clearly in love with the property, striving to do it justice. After all, Big Finish has given life to Doctor Who and Torchwood through the years. Ultimately, the British space hero is in very safe hands with Big Finish.

December Release

The first bout of adventures is available this coming December. It will feature adaptations of classics; Voyage to Venus, The Red Moon Mystery and Marooned on Mercury. This will also include a disc of undisclosed extras. The wait for more will be near painless, as February 2017 brings the second volume. Included will be: Reign of the Robots, Operation Saturn and Prisoners of Space, followed on by another bonus disc.

For more information check out the Big Finish website. While at the site check out the Big Finish Podcast, who talk to some of the people behind the new Dan Dare releases.

The normal pre-order price will be £20 on Download and £25 on CD (unlocking an instant download on release).



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