A new Daleks collection brings together some of the best of the Doctor Who Magazine comic strips

Pitiless war machines committed to universal conquest, the Daleks have terrified and enthralled Doctor Who fans for generations. Collected together for the first time, Panini Comics proudly presents the first volume of Dalek stories taken from Doctor Who Magazine’s forty years of award-winning comic strip.

The collection begins with the first ever Dalek strip in what was then Doctor Who Weekly’s first issue, and continues right through to the Doctor Who Magazine Yearbooks of the 1990s. On the planet Anhaut, movie makers get more than they bargained for when they mount a film based on a Dalek invasion centuries before. Berserker warrior Abslom Daak becomes a legend as he sets out to destroy every last stinking Dalek in the galaxy. The Doctor and K9 must try and save the New Earth star system from the Daleks… and their werewolf foot soldiers! The Seventh Doctor finally meets Absolm Daak, but which is the true nemesis of the Daleks? Finally, the Doctor and Ace arrive on a human colony ship in deep space, but what is causing the ship’s stored embryos to mutate… and what are they turning into?

The complete list of comic strips included in the collection is as follows:

  • The Return of the Daleks (Doctor Who Weekly #1-4)
  • Abslom Daak… Dalek Killer (Doctor Who Weekly #17-20)
  • Star Tigers (Doctor Who Weekly #27-30, Doctor Who Monthly #44-46)
  • Doctor Who and the Dogs of Doom (Doctor Who Weekly #27-34)
  • Nemesis of the Daleks (Doctor Who Magazine #152-155)
  • Metamorphosis (Doctor Who Yearbook 1993)


Daleks: The Ultimate Comic Strip Collection (c) Panini Doctor Who Magazine
Daleks: The Ultimate Comic Strip Collection (c) Panini

Daleks: The Ultimate Comic Strip Collection

Daleks: The Ultimate Comic Strip Collection is available to pre-order now from all good retailers, Recommended Retail Price £19.99. It arrives in all its mutated glory on the 1st of October.


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