The BBC have released new promotional pictures from the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special – click on the images included here for bigger versions. The seventy-five minute episode will air on BBC One and BBC America on Nov 23 – visit the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special section HERE for more pics, clips and info.

Thanks to BBC Pictures


  1. You say that the special is 75 minutes.. Was this confirmed somewhere (if so I apologise, I was sleeping that day) or is it just guesswork from interviews?

  2. Was going to be my question too JR Mortimer. Its not even mentioned on the official site (where the pictures came from). From the pics, it looks like the Dalek scenes are set on Galifrey, by the symbols in the background. Time War, maybe?

  3. Looks to me like Daleks on Gallifrey, which ought to be Time War…

    Love the way that whenever the Daleks wreak carnage on any planet, anywhere in the Universe, they always leave a nice, flat Dalek-width linear trail between the rubble for them to trundle along!

  4. The whole Daleks thing is getting a bit annoying. I mean, they're iconic and everything, but whenever something really big happens everybody knows the Daleks are going to be in it. Again.

  5. True, MJ, but the Daleks are four weeks shy of being as old as the show itself. In this case, it would almost be a shame for them not to appear in the 50th.

  6. No exclusive for the Blogtor? Or anyone else for that matter! That's a poor show. You've worked your nuts off to get recognition as a bonefide Who fan and mover and shaker. I guess we just don't have enough dollar to be respected.

  7. … oh, a passage through the rubble and NO DUST… absolutely NO DUST! The Time War must have been the only intergalactic conflict that had cleaners come in at 5.30pm every evening…

  8. @Mister, I take everything I said back. After seeing what other people have said online and looking at the pictures closer for myself–this could REALLY be something to do with the Time War. That is HUGE, and I would not miss something this awesome!! I can't believe I doubted the Moff, but then Season 7 Part 2 fell a bit short of my expectations of him.

  9. Maybe I'm imagining things, but these look like…classic Daleks. Or, perhaps a hybrid design of the classic versus the more modernized designs?


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