The Daleks will encounter The Archive of Islos and The Sentinel of the Fifth Galaxy in the new Time Lord Victorious animation!

Fresh from this afternoon’s reality bomb that Time Lord Victorious will include a new animated adventure for the Doctor’s greatest enemies, come further details. The official site’s entry for DALEKS! (and yes, Blogtor Who is always going to write it that way) reveals the first two episode titles. Episode 1 is called The Archive of Islos, while the title of Episode 2 is The Sentinel of the Fifth Galaxy. That second episode title is particularly magnificent. As if the new Emperor’s design wasn’t a cool enough throwback to the comics of the 1960s, the title The Sentinel of the Fifth Galaxy positively drips with that Terry Nation magic.

We also have the name of Joe Sugg’s character. The Strictly Come Dancing runner-up and YouTuber takes on the role of R-41. As Blogtor Who initially suspected, R-41 has now been confirmed as a robot. Sugg himself has now unveiled the character design on his Instagram account.



While Nicholas Briggs will, naturally, be playing the psychotic pepperpots once more. But we still don’t know which roles will be taken by Anjli Mohindra (Rani in The Sarah Jane Adventures) and Ayesha Antoine (Dee Dee in Midnight). Mohindra, of course, recently appeared as the Skithra Queen in Doctor Who’s Series 12. The Skithra themselves, meanwhile, will be returning in Doctor Who Comic #1, the first post-Time Lord Victorious adventure for the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctors.


Doctor Who - Time Lord Victorious - Daleks! (Episode 1 Still) The Library of Islos BBC Studios Animation Web Cartoon Dalek Ship
Daleks stream from their saucer in a scene from The Archive of Islos

The full cast and crew for DALEKS! revealed so far

The Daleks – Nicholas Briggs

R-41 – Joe Sugg

TBC – Anjli Mohindra

TBC – Ayesha Antoine

Writer – James Goss

Voice Director – Scott Handcock

Sound Design and Music – Steve Foxon

Animation – Studio Liddell

Animation Directors – Peter Caddock and Jon Doyle

Series Producer – Chris Allen


Doctor Who - Time Lord Victorious - Daleks! Golden Emperor Dalek Emperor Dalek Prime Strategist Animation Web Cartoon BBC Studios Skaro
Doctor Who – Time Lord Victorious – Daleks!


The Dalek Empire comes up against a terrible force.

The Daleks’ plundering of the Archive of Islos unearths something ancient and deadly. Soon Skaro is under attack and the Dalek Emperor is on the run! Can the Daleks defeat their adversaries and regain their planet, even with help from an old enemy?

Will this be the end of the Daleks?


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