Out this week is Issue 522 of Doctor Who Magazine. The cover has been revealed today and it’s a very stylish one. Three Daleks from the original invasion shrouded in lightning. It’s been a while since we’ve had a big Daleks story in the series so it’s great to see them grace the cover. There’s loads more in the issue as well. There will be more details to come but here are some hints as to what to expect in the issue.

The issue contains an exclusive interview with producer Beryl Vertue, who was Terry Nation’s agent in the 1960’s. It’s not her only link to Doctor Who as she is also Steven Moffat’s mother-in-law.

There is a special feature on the recent Comic Relief charity breakfast which featured many Doctors meeting fans who had donated to Comic Relief. Some Doctors were present virtually but many made it to the event, which also included many companions old and new. It’ll be interesting to have an insight into the event and what occurred when the Doctors got together.

The issue also features Peter Capaldi reflecting on his time as our favourite Time Lord. The cover has a quote from the Twelfth Doctor which is intriguing where he reveals that he has “a sackful of guilt.” There is also an interview with Susan Calman about her upcoming Doctor Who project.

Finally, there is also a new feature that begins in this issue of Doctor Who magazine. Doctor Who Fan Show host Christel Dee leads us through a brand new Cosplay Masterclass. The new feature begins with looking at how to recreate Ace’s jacket.

With more details to come it’s already looking like another bumper issue of Doctor Who Magazine.

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 522 is in stores from Thursday, February 8th.


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