In anticipation of Matt Smith’s appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson tonight, a Dalek was used in one of the comedian’s monologues. See it in the player above.


  1. ahhh, that is so cute! You can see the childlike glee in his eyes!

    I was half expecting it to suddenly come to life thou and scare the pants of him!

  2. 5736.0 Rassilon Era (031)
    Wednesday, 13th of November, 6026 Anno Mundi Vulgaris
    Wednesday, 17th of November, 2010 Common Era
    @ 1:55 Universal Time Coordinated.
    Greetings Fellow Gallifreyans!!
    I saw it!!
    I taped it!!
    I posted that I saw it on : !!
    Thank you and Allons-y!!

  3. What, no link to the actual bootleg cold open rumored to have been recorded by a studio audience member? You disappoint me, fandom!

  4. 5736.1 Rassilon Era (062)
    Saturday, 16th of December, 6026 Anno Mundi Vulgaris
    Saturday, 18th of December, 2010 Common Era
    @ 4:10 Universal Time Coordinated.
    Greetings Fellow Gallifreyans!!
    When I said I taped it I was using a "V.C.R." or video tape recorder
    which is completely legal after a judgement against Disney which allows for "off-air" taping.
    I am not computer savvy enough to provide a link so here is one of my favorites.
    I hope it works.
    Thank you.
    The Professor Dalen Rune.


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