Arcbeatle Press in partnership with BBV Productions is releasing this autumn the novelisation of Cyberon, expanding on that 2001 film which was directed by Bill Baggs. The book is written by P.RO.B.E. range editor James Hornby and adapted from the script by Lance Parkin.

The book and film sees psychologist Lauren Anderson witnessing a disturbing drug trial on mental patients and dementia sufferers. The drug, Cyberon, is meant to reconstitute their failing health, but starts showing hallucinogenic effects on nearly all the patients, while Anderson begins uncovering dark secrets. Will she make it out alive?

The book is the first novelisation of a BBV property, and is Arcbeatle’s first print release in its partnership with BBV, after Arcbeatle was granted the P.R.O.B.E. licence this year. Cyberon will be followed by P.R.O.B.E: Out of the Shadows.

Arcbeatle’s previous 10,000 Dawns series crossed over with the Doctor Who universe in three of its stories: Rachel Survived, White Canvas, and The Gendar Conspiracy.  Arcbeatle Press have previously published several books connected to the Doctor Who universe, such as ‘An Eloquence of Time and Space’, a poetry anthology celebrating the show’s 50th anniversary, and ‘Sheffield Steel’, which examined Series 11. Now, they are set to publish a novelisation of ‘Cyberon’, a film inspired by the Cybermen which was produced during Doctor Who’s ‘wilderness years’ between the original and revived series.

Director Baggs himself comments that Cyberon is possibly the most accessible BBV property in the sense that you don’t need any relationship to Doctor Who to understand it. However, if you have a relationship with Doctor Who you’ll get even more from it, as it’s just a very straightforward romantic thriller.

For his part, editor Hornby said in an interview that the prose format allowed him to delve into the character’s heads, to reveal how they react to the troubles posed to them by the plot. With a psychological thriller like Cyberon, he considered that really important. He noted that the main change was that, unlike the original film, this release of Cyberon would act as a companion to the upcoming P.R.O.B.E. series.

In terms of additions, Hornby’s approach to the book’s structure was that the original story will be the middle section of a three act tale. Act one will explore the story of how the Cyberon drug came to arrive on Earth, and the final act will pick up the loose plot threads from the end of the drama, bringing in familiar characters from the P.R.O.B.E. series.

The Cyberon novelisation is due for publication by Arcbeatle Press in Autumn 2020, with more details coming soon.


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