The Cyberon return in a new novelization of the BBV spin-off film, alongside new tales of terror featuring the cybernetic baddies

Twenty years ago, Doctor Who’s return to TV was still a distant hope. Attempts to restart the series in America had failed and Russell T Davies’ reinvention wasn’t even a speck on the horizon. So fans took things into their own hands and began crafting their own alternatives. While Big Finish won the licence to create original audio plays set in the world of Doctor Who itself, BBV used a different approach to create a series of live action films. Some featured familiar cast members from the world of Doctor Who as different characters in new SF adventures, like P.R.O.B.E. Others featured characters and creatures whose rights weren’t owned by the BBC and could be negotiated separately, like the Auton trilogy. But one of the most popular was Cyberon. And now Cyberon is back in a new novelisation.

BBV Productions have teamed up with Arcbeatle Press to create a new version of the story. as with the traditional Doctor Who Target model, Arcbeatle and writer James Hornby have expanded and enhanced the original script by Lance Parkin with new subplots and insights into the inner thoughts of the characters. Indeed the plot of the Cyberon film is now the middle third of a wider narrative. While Hornby, along with James Wylder, and Tyche McPhee Letts, have also created three brand new tales of the Cyberon for this collection. The new version of Cyberon also strengthens the links with the Doctor Who universe, and to the P.R.O.B.E. series.

What begins as an experimental drug trial turns sinister as the Cyberon make their move

The book, like the film, sees psychologist Lauren Anderson become witness to a disturbing drug trial on several mental patients and sufferers of dementia, in an effort to reconstitute their failing health. As she begins to uncover dark secrets, and the drug known as Cyberon starts showing hallucinogenic effects on nearly all the patients, will Lauren make it out of this horrific experiment alive?

Cyberon is the first print release by Arcbeatle Press in their partnership with BBV Productions and is out now. P.R.O.B.E: Out of the Shadows is coming soon.

Cyberon. The cover to the new novelization based on the BBV film (c) Arcbeatle Press/BBV Doctor Who Cybermen Virtruvian Man
Cyberon. The cover to the new novelization based on the BBV film (c) Arcbeatle Press/BBV

Cyberon by James Hornby

“We’ve made contact with something better than us. They are stronger, they don’t die. They’ll cast off their human bodies and spread to the stars, nothing will stop them.”

Cyberon is the new miracle drug, boasted to cure the untreatable. When Dr. Lauren Anderson agrees to Thomas Mordley testing the drug on her brain damaged patients she expects little benefit. Doctor Anderson is wrong. Cyberon is different. Mordley knows it’s a wonder drug, and it’s going to revolutionise medicine. He thinks it may even revolutionise the world. But neither of them realise Cyberon has its own plans. Even if they did, could they do anything to stop it? Also featuring three additional tales of silver terror from James Hornby, James Wylder, and Tyche McPhee Letts.


Cyberon is available from Amazon, priced £11.61 (paperback) and £4.64 (Kindle).


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