Chris Cwej, the Doctor’s New Adventures companion, gets his own short story collection – out now


Since his introduction in a 1995 Doctor Who novel, Chris Cwej has become a beloved character in stories of all kinds. Now Arcbeatle Press is bringing him back with an all new fiction anthology: Cwej: Down the Middle. Editor Hunter O’Connell describes his motivation in putting the book together. “Philosophically complex and motivated by truth, Chris has gone through trials and tribulations greater than many other companions, which is why I find this book such a passion project for me.”

O’Connell has brought together a team of well known and new writers, including Cwej creator Andy Lane (Doctor Who). Meanwhile Simon Bucher-Jones (Doctor Who), Jeffrey Koval (EverymanHYBRID), Rachel Redhead (Faction Paradox), and James Wylder (WARS) also contribute stories.

Apart from Chris readers can also look forward to appearances from a few others: Iris Wildthyme, the Quoth, the Cyberons, Judy Collins, Praxis, and elements from the 10,000 Dawns series also appear.


Cwej: Down the Middle is set to be the first in a series of adventures

“There’s stories in here that will thrill you, move you, and challenge your expectations,” says publisher James Wylder.Down the Middle will be Arcbeatle Press’ first book of adventures for Chris Cwej, but it won’t be the last, with more on the way.”

O’Connell adds “Please, check it out, and enjoy these stories of virtual gay innuendos, a teddy bear leading a cult, the Democratic primaries being done over, mushrooms, particle colliders being overrun with intelligent well-dressed weasels, alternate Earths, unlimited fun, and salt in cola. Cwej, along with his friends Larles and Kwol, will face all of this and more!”

Cwej: Down the Middle will be available now from Arcbeatle Press.

Other writers in the collection include:
Hunter O’Connell, Sam Maleski, Matthew Sychantha, Charles Whitt, James Hornby, Greg Maughan, Michael Robertson, Vince Stadon, Evan Forman, Gerard Power, Tycho McPhee Letts

With original art by:
Bri Crozier, Mia Ashford-John, Brian Gorman, Emmeryn Telemain Reed, Callum and Stuart Brown, Dawn Rushim, Derek Dodebier, Newt Griffin, and Johannes Chazot


Cwej: Down the Middle

Chris Cwej. Once a policeman, tasked with maintaining order through the galaxy. Once, a traveler in space and time, writing wrongs with his friends.
Now – an operative for powers far beyond humanity’s comprehension. A soldier in cosmic games, trying to obey the commands of his Superiors, but facing, time and again, heartbreak and sacrifice. Far from everything and everyone he once cared about, and drifting through an infinity of wars, conspiracies and betrayals…
These are his stories – tales of unlikely allies, of doomed love affairs and of wild interventions in Earth’s history. From battlefields to cozy meetings with adventuress Iris Wildthyme: a chronicle of a man split down the middle.


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