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CutAwayComics Kicks Off with a Spin-Off for Doctor Who’s Lytton

Lytton #1: Cover B by Brian Williamson (c) CutAwayComics

CutAwayComics launches this Summer with a new range of titles set in the darker corners of the Doctor Who universe

Industry standards in 20th century British television, with freelance writers retaining ownership of characters created for a series, has sometimes presented modern Doctor Who with unique challenges. But it’s also often been the source of unique opportunities. And the latest to knock on that door are the team at CutAwayComics. An independent comic imprint based in Manchester, CutAwayComics are launching this summer with a whole new range of books. Each one featuring worlds and characters first introduced in Doctor Who. And first up for the CutAway treatment will be Lytton – the dangerous, but not entirely immoral, interstellar mercenary that appeared in the Fifth and Sixth Doctor’s eras.

Lytton‘s original creator himself, former Doctor Who script editor Eric Saward, has resurrected the character. In this four issue noir thriller, the former mercenary has swapped intergalactic battlefields for a jazz club in 1970s Soho. If only it wasn’t for the strange noises in the sewers, rumours of vicious aliens in the dark alleyways, and a terrible sense of murder in the air then everything might be perfect. Art duties will be handled by Barry Renshaw, who has previously worked on the popular Vworp! Vworp! fanzine.

“I was always fascinated by strips in the back of Doctor Who Weekly that didn’t feature the Doctor,” explains CutAwayComics publisher Gareth Kavanagh, “Instead, the monsters took centre stage – and the stories were terrifying. Those strips launched the careers of Alan Moore and David Lloyd amongst others. And this is our homage to those unpredictable and wild stories with the next generation of talent.”

Detail from Lytton #1. Art by Barry Renshaw (c) CutAwayComics
Detail from Lytton #1. Art by Barry Renshaw (c) CutAwayComics

In addition to the comic, each copy of Lytton comes with a unique collection of extras

Issues ordered directly from CutAwayComics will also come with a special DVD of extras:

  • Video commentaries on the comic featuring artist Barry Renshaw and writer Eric Saward
  • An introduction to the series from Eric Saward
  • New interviews with Eric Saward and Barry Renshaw
  • Newly recorded audio commentaries for Gangsters, the series that shot Lytton actor Maurice Colbourne to fame. Featuring series creator Philip Martin and British Film Institute historian Dick Fiddy
  • A newly recorded audio commentary for The Caves of Androzani featuring Robert Glenister (Salateen)
  • Deleted pages and concept art
Omega: Vengeance sees the return of the mad Time Lord founder. Art by John Ridgway (c) CutAwayComics

Omega: Vengeance returns the legendary John Ridgway to the world of Doctor Who comics

CutAwayComics will then follow up Lytton with Omega: Vengeance, which sees the return of rogue Time Lord founder Omega. Featured on television in The Three Doctors and The Five Doctors (and perhaps even as one of the three Time Lord founders seen in The Timeless Children) Omega discovered the power source on which Gallifreyan technology was built, only to be betrayed and abandoned in an Anti-Matter universe when his experiment went wrong. Immortal, he’s since spent aeons plotting to escape his Black Hole prison. But will the society of Minyos fall as a result? As with the Minyans’ original appearance in the TV story Underworld, Omega: Vengeance mixes the cosmic with Greek mythology.

The script is by Mark Griffiths whose children’s book series (as Mark Powers) Spy Toys has been optioned by Dreamworks. Meanwhile, art for Omega comes from the legendary John Ridgway, of Doctor Who Magazine’s celebrated epic comic adventure, Voyager, as well as award winning comics like The Dead Man, Button Man, John Constantine: Hellblazer and The Spectre.


Ice hot! Return to Paradise Towers

Finally, the third series in this initial wave of CutAwayComics releases will see a return to the world of Paradise Towers. Introduced in the Doctor Who TV adventure of the same name. Paradise Towers is a giant tower block populated by teenage gangs and cannibalistic old ladies. And now by underground whispers that might topple this fragile society once and for all. Ballard’s High-Rise by way of 2000ad’s The Ballad of Halo Jones, the original Paradise Towers still remains one of Doctor Who’s most compelling pieces of world-building. The creative team behind the Paradise Towers comic will be announced soon.


Lytton #1 Cover A by Barry Renshaw (c) CutAwayComics

Lytton #1 is available for Pre-Order now

Lytton #1 can be pre-ordered now from the CutAwayComics website, priced at £4.99, with a choice of three covers. Cover A is by series artist Barry Renshaw, Cover B by Brian Williamson (Spider-Man, Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor), and Cover C is a photo cover by Colin Brockhurst, featuring Maurice Colbourne as Lytton in Resurrection of the Daleks.



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