Reader William Cuthbertson has sent Blogtor some images of a custom-made Doctor Who version of the popular card game Fluxx – click on the pics for bigger versions. The pack was designed and produced by artist Ashley Jones (of Oxford, Ohio). Blogtor will keep you up to date with any further developments…

Special thanks to William Cuthbertson


  1. No, you play "He will knock Three times" after you play "Psychedelic Lipstick" and it BECOMES "He will knock Four times." 🙂
    PS Psychadelic = Psychedelic. sp

  2. Sounds like it needs some editing, and permission from Looney Labs….. but for heavens sake I'd pay for it, and Blogtor gets a cut for bringing it to our attention!

  3. @Marco wouldn't work; the numeral 3 doesn't appear anywhere on "He will knock Three times", so, like "N=N+1", the conversion effect of "Psychedelic Lipstick" doesn't apply.


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