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The Curse of the Black Spot – Audio Commentary

Continuing the new Blogtor Who series is the episode commentary for Series 6 Episode 3, The Curse of the Black Spot. This audio is designed to play along whilst watching the episode. The commentaries are available to subscribe to on iTunes HERE and you can also download it HERE or use the player below.

The Impossible Astronaut audio commentary
Day of the Moon audio commentary


  1. (edited to remove the somewhat spoilery comment, hopefully this is spoiler-free enough):

    From the preview reviews I was all prepared to be underwhelmed but actually I really loved it. Throwbacks to the Eternals, and kind of also a Girl in the Fireplace feel I was thoroughly entertained and also I loved the Amy/Rory bits. If this is what we get for "filler" this year, then color me content 😀

  2. Very funny stuff. I've not managed to listen to the other two – I can usually either listen to it, on my phone, at my Mum and Dad's, where I can get access to the wi-fi, but don't have access to the actual episode, or I can go home and watch the episode, but don't have a strong enough signal to listen to the commentary (and I don't have enough memory to just save the commentary for later!).
    But my sister's at work, so I've nicked her laptop, and shoved the commentary on with the iPlayer. Cracking stuff. will try and listen to the other two this week if I can.


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