Candy Jar Books are giving you even more reasons to like them! They are giving away free digital copies of their upcoming short story, ‘The Cruel Oil’!

‘The Cruel Oil’ is set just before the events of last month’s release, ‘The Dreamer’s Lament’ and is written by new comer, and one of the youngest writers to tackle the Lethbridge-Stewart Range, Harry Draper.

Andy Frankham-Allen, the Range Editor talks about about the story: “The Cruel Oil is a result of our recent short story open submission window. It was a simple but intruiging pitch; When disaster occurs at a North Sea platform, and dead bodies preserved in tar from the spillage begin to disappear from their morgues, Lethbridge-Stewart and Anne Travers discover just how cruel the oil of Earth can be…

“Upon reading the full outline I just knew it contained a ‘classic era’ feel, and would be better suited to Anne Travers and Bill Bishop. Which led me to another idea…”

Draper is getting his chance to write a short story through The South Wales Short Story Competition, which will be taking submissions until the end of September. Winning submissions will be collected and published in the upcoming ‘HAVOC Files 4’, which is still available to pre-order.

Draper discusses how he came to this opportunity: “Just over ten years ago, I read my first Doctor Who book in my local Waterstones. Naturally, having failed to grow up all this time later, I leapt at the opportunity to submit a pitch to the Lethbridge-Stewart short story opportunity.

Free Short Story From Candy Jar Books The Cruel Oil
Free Short Story From Candy Jar Books The Cruel Oil

“When Andy suggested the idea of depicting Anne Travers and Bill Bishop’s first date, and Anne coming to terms with her father’s death, I knew then we had a story worth telling. Now, at long last, it has materialised! And no one is safe from the Silhouettes. Here’s to never quite growing up.”

To download your free .pdf copy of ‘The Cruel Oil’ head to Candy Jar Books, and don’t forget to check out other Lethbridge-Stewart Books from Candy Jar Books including the upcoming Lucy Wilson Mysteries.


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