The new issue of Doctor Who is out this week and the cover has been revealed. It’s a cover that should appeal to fans of Doctor Who young and old. It traverses both eras of Doctor Who in much the same way as what the cover is in aid of. The cover concerns itself with the new set of Target novels.

The Target novels hold a nostalgic place in the heart of any classic era Who fan. These Target novels mostly concern themselves with reproducing the new era of Who. It features novelisations of Rose, The Christmas Invasion, Day of the Doctor and Twice Upon a Time. The fifth book in the collection is City of Death.

The cover features the four Doctors of the modern era from the 9th to the 12th backed by the Target logo. The issue itself has interviews with former showrunners Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat regarding their Target adaptations Rose and Day of the Doctor, and teasingly ‘the next chapter for Doctor Who’s best-loved books’.

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 524 is in all good stores from Thursday 5th April.


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