So you’ve watched ‘World Enough and Time’. You were disturbed and appalled by the horrors of the Cybermen from Mondas. But the conclusion is still a few days away and you want more cloth-faced terrors. This handy little guide will tell you where you can find more adventures featuring Mondasian Cybermen. Of course if you want classic Doctor Who drama outside of the television set there is only one place to start; Big Finish.

Spare Parts


Let’s start with the best. The world has run out of superlatives to describe the phenomenon which is ‘Spare Parts‘. Written by Marc Platt, author of ‘Ghost Light‘ for Season 26, it features the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa on Mondas. It’s astonishing to think that next month the story celebrates it’s 15th Anniversary. In fact it was only the 34th title in Big Finish’s Main Range of releases. Such is the power of the material that it still resonates today. For instance the horrors of ‘Spare Parts‘ were finally visualised on our television screens spectacularly well during ‘World Enough and Time‘.


Much like ‘World Enough and Time‘, a desolate world is created with human beings clinging desperately onto survival. It is horrific, emotional and at times utterly devastating. No wonder it is regarded by some as being possibly the greatest Doctor Who story ever. Copies of the story on CD are now rare with Big Finish selling it as a download only. However it just makes it an even bigger bargain. If you’ve not already done so download the Big Finish app and purchase ‘Spare Parts‘. I make no apologies for the tears you might shed however. Alternatively, there is also a stunning limited edition release of the story on vinyl available only through the Big Finish website.

The Silver Turk


Another venture into the original Cybermen design for Big Finish came in an Eighth Doctor adventure, ‘The Silver Turk‘. Accompanied by Mary Shelley, the Doctor encounters what he describes as a “Mondas original” Cyberman, posing as an automaton at the Viennese Exposition. The creature concerned also featured prominently on the cover of the release. Sleeker than the ‘Tenth Planet’ originals it still retained the creepy look that made the original Cybermen such a success.



Big Finish also gave the Cybermen their own series, titled Cyberman, that followed a similar format to the successful Dalek Empire series. Over eight stories and two seasons these did not feature the Doctor with the Cybermen instead taking centre-stage. Nicholas Briggs recaptured the ‘sing-song’ melodic style of voice that he developed for ‘Spare Parts‘ which this week also featured successfully on television in ‘World Enough and Time‘. In 2016 Series 1 and 2 were combined for a single box set available exclusively through the Big Finish website.

The Good Soldier

Doctor Who: The Good Soldier (c) Panini Comics

During 1991 Doctor Who Magazine’s comic strip ‘The Good Soldier‘ saw the Seventh Doctor and Ace encounter Cybermen from Mondas. In 2015 it was reprinted in a graphic novel with the Mondas Cybermen dominating the cover. This style of Cyberman design also featured in the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip ‘Junk-Yard Demon‘ published in 1981 which starred Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor. Later appearances of the Cybermen in the Doctor Who Magazine comic strips, including companion Kroton, were however Cybermen of later and in some cases very futuristic upgrades.

TV Comic

TV Comic: The Coming of the Cybermen (1967 and 1994)

Before Doctor Who Magazine there was Doctor Who Monthly. Before that there was Doctor Who Weekly. But before that Doctor Who comic strips existed in TV Comic. Over the course of several years in the late 1960’s Patrick Troughton’s Second Doctor battled the Cybermen in nine stories in TV Comic’s weekly issues, the TV Comic Holiday Special 1968 and the TV Comic Annual 1969. All of these adventures saw the Mondas monstrosities in their original form with stories including ‘Masquerade‘, ‘The Cyber Mole‘ and ‘The Cyber Empire‘. The adventure ‘The Coming of the Cybermen‘ was also reprinted in the Doctor Who Classic Comics issue 26 published in 1994.

Prologue: The First Doctor

Supremacy of the Cybermen – Prologue: The First Doctor (c) Titan Comics

Recently Titan Comics have delivered several ranges of Doctor Who comics. 2016 saw the publication of ‘Supremacy of the Cybermen‘ which featured multiple Doctors encountering the Cybermen over various timelines. In the build up a number of short prologues were published that showed classic Doctors surrounded by appropriate Cybermen variants. The First Doctor was of course surrounded by Mondas Cybermen, the creatures that featured in Hartnell’s final regular experience. This short strip was included in The Tenth Doctor Year Two #12 and also reprinted in the 2016 Convention special which collated all of the prologues.

The Tenth Planet

Doctor Who: The Tenth Planet DVD (c) 2entertain/BBC

Finally we must not forget the original Cyberman story, ‘The Tenth Planet‘. This debut of the creatures from Mondas over 50 years ago provided the original design which returned to our screens this week. The story was also novelised by Target books, written by Gerry Davis, and prominently featured the Mondas Cybermen on the cover artwork. In addition to the debuting Cybermen, the story is of course notable for the first ever regeneration. As the Twelfth Doctor’s end draws near ‘The Tenth Planet‘ is certainly a very appropriate watch.

The Mondasian Cybermen will also return this Saturday in ‘The Doctor Falls’…


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