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Completely Staged: The Complete Scripts

Completely Staged: The Complete Scripts, alongside a selection of the rewards from Unbound

Completely Staged: The Complete Scripts is coming in September, and crowdfunding now with a host of rewards for supporters

The award winning Staged was the surprise hit of lockdown. For two series we followed David Tennant and Martin Sheen playing heightened versions of themselves trapped in zoom call hell, and struggling to keep their sanity, and their careers, in one piece. The second series made a running joke out of arguments over how much of the show was scripted or improvised. And, now, at last, fans might be getting the definitive answer. Completely Staged will collect the scripts for both series of the comedy created by Simon Evans and Phin Glynn. So, in an impressively metatextual move even for Staged, you’ll be able to read Evans’ scripted dialogue for the ‘Simon’ character defending himself as having written the script.

Completely Staged is being crowdfunded on publishing platform Unbound. Supporters can make pledges, getting both a copy of the book and various rewards depending on the amount pledged. These run all the way from £10 for a digital copy of the book all the way to £2,000 for a reward including a slipcase edition of the book, the shooting script signed by members of the cast and crew, as well as a bundle of Staged merchandise, and entry to an exclusive Zoom meeting book launch with members of the cast and crew. There are also twenty-five other reward options between. suiting various budgets.


The crowdfunding options for Completely Staged includes a range of rewards

Exclusive rewards include “That F#!king Liar David Tennant” bookmarks, “I see you, you little feathered shit” t-shirts, masterclasses with series co-creator Simon Evans, as well as posters, mugs, tote bags, DVDs, and more. And, of course, each reward includes a copy of the book, in either digital, hardback, or slipbook editions.

The book will be published in September in the UK and November in the US.

You can find full details of the book, the rewards, and how to support it on the Completely Staged page.

Completely Staged: The Complete Scripts, alongside a selection of the rewards from Unbound. David Tennant Michael Sheen Simon Evans Good Omens Doctor Who Tenth Doctor
Completely Staged: The Complete Scripts

Completely Staged

Unbound are delighted to present Completely Staged, the show’s official companion. It contains the complete text of the screenplays from Staged’s writer and director, Simon Evans, and co-creator, Phin Glynn. With a foreword from writer and broadcaster Gyles Brandreth, this handsome hardback is crammed with more than 100 images (many never seen before) – from photographs, screenshots and illustrations, to pages from the musical score and tips on how-to-draw-a-pineapple-David-Tennant-style – along with Simon Evans’s exclusive director’s notes. The book has been compiled and edited by Staged’s co-producer Victor Glynn and Sophie Goldsworthy.

Completely Staged is a must-have for every Staged fan. And it’s compulsory reading for anyone who’s ever wanted to learn how to summon a haggis.

Pledge now to reserve a first edition of Completely Staged  – plus exclusive rewards –  supplied to subscribers before the official publication date: currently scheduled as September in the UK and November in the US and other overseas territories.



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