Out now is a 29 disc bluray boxet containing every Doctor Who episode since the restart in 2005 (Series 1 to 7) and also includes 120 minutes of Bonus Material available on disc for the very first time. Series 1 to 4 are available in newly remastered bluray versions at full 1080p resolution
for the first time ever, sitting alongside those of the Eleventh Doctor in this high definition collection. Order the set HERE and check out the details below:

BBC Worldwide has gone above and beyond to bring fans the best possible Doctor Who experience, and has also fully remastered the complete Tenth Doctor Specials as well as The Complete Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Series (previously available on Blu-ray), to full 1080p resolution as well. And there’s hours and hours of bonus features from the past collections PLUS 120 minutes of bonus material that has never previously been available on disc, as well as more goodies than you can shake a sonic screwdriver at, and this is one blue box that just might actually be bigger on the inside. Buy the Doctor Who: The Complete Series 1-7 bluray boxset HERE, it includes:
The Complete First, Second, Third and Fourth Series
(all new to bluray/1080p resolution)

The Complete Specials, Complete Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Series 
(also included in1080p Resolution)
Bonus bluray disc includes:
The Doctor Who Ultimate List of Lists – BBC America’s pop culture correspondent, Asha Leo is joined by special guest John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness) to announce the rankings of the “Top Five Companions,” “Top Five Scariest Moments,” “Top Five Best Monsters,” “Top Five Guest Stars” and “Top Five Things You’ll Only See on Doctor Who.”
Doctor Who at the Proms 2010 – Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill host a spectacular evening of music from the series played live by the London Philharmonic Orchestra at London’s historic Royal Albert Hall.  Includes video projections, appearances by the monsters and a special guest appearance from Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith.  For the first time, the collection will include the full 90-minute concert and has been remastered in 5.1 Surround Sound.
Doctor Who: The Best of the Christmas Specials – This previously unreleased special from December 2011 takes an inside look at the very best moments from the incredible Doctor Who Christmas specials that have captivated audiences around the world. A collection of fans from the celebrity, comedy, sci-fi and digital worlds discuss their favorite moments from both David Tennant and Matt Smith era Christmas episodes.
Doctor Who: The Complete Series 1-7 Blu-ray Boxset is out now!
Order HERE.
Thanks to BBC Worldwide



  1. You state that all Series have been remastered to 1080p, yet the information on the bbcshop page you've linked to specifies they are all in 1080i–which basically leads one to assume they did absolutely nothing to the Series 5-7 sets and just used the prior versions (aka "not remastered at all"). You might want to inquire about this with BBCWW.

  2. Thanks for the details on the US editions Cameron! I appreciate that this site doesn't cater to only the British side of fandom, and the rest of us in America and elsewhere can come to the horse's mouth here and find out what to look forward to.

    Sure, I mean, I COULD complain when you list British things. But, then, I actually understand DOCTOR WHO is a global commodity, so who am I to demand special treatment?

    ———-> 😉 LOL!

    Thanks man!


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