Coming up next month from 2|entertain is Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series boxset. Released on Nov 8, it’s available on both DVD and Blu~ray. As well as the thirteen episodes from Series 5, and cut~down versions of each Doctor Who Confidential, there are some special features, listed below. See the limited edition “steel~book case” version of the set HERE and the normal cover HERE.

Meanwhile in the TARDIS

Two newly filmed scenes written by Steven Moffat, exclusive to DVD & Blu~ray. One takes place between The Eleventh Hour and The Beast Below whilst the other takes place between Flesh & Stone and The Vampires of Venice (approx. 3 mins long each).

The first installment includes a reference to the year 1963, the phrase “space squid” whilst the second part features “Space Gandalf”, “leather bikini” and a visual nod to the companions of the past.

Monster Files
Get under the skin and inside the minds of the new Doctor’s most challenging opponents (4 episodes).

In~Vision Commentaries
The Eleventh Hour: Steven Moffat, Piers Wenger & Beth Willis
Victory of the Daleks: Mark Gatiss, Barnaby Edwards & Nick Briggs
The Time of Angels: Steven Moffat & Karen Gillan
The Vampires of Venice: Johnny Campbell, Toby Whithouse & Alex Price
Cold Blood: Ashley Way, Alun Raglan & James Dehaviland
The Big Bang: Toby Haynes, Karen Gillan & Arthur Darvill

Seven and half minutes (approx.) of behind~the~scenes fun from the gang, including bloopers and interviews.

Video Diaries

Approximately half an hour of video diaries (in three parts) made by Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill

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  1. Are ther no non-vision commentaries filling the gaps that the in-vision ones don't fill? I am massively excited by the extras on this box set and I do appreciate the wealth of brilliant stuff there is, but I will definitely be disappointed if there aren't commentaries in-vison or not on every episode.

  2. I'm not generally a fan of in-vision commentaries but the picture with Beth Willis wearing the rather short dress may change my opinion on this matter…

  3. It's a shame how the commentaries have steadily disappeared from the DVDs & website. In previous series we ended up with 2 for every episode, now we're getting them on under half the series!

    I suppose budgets would be the usual excuse — though on the special box set it was a bit pathetic, as website commentaries existed for the 3 episodes they didn't bother to include tracks for. Personally, I'd rather they took the money spent on sticking a camera in the room for 6 commentaries and spent it on a few more regular audio ones.


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