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COMPETITION: Win Candy Jar Books “The Intelligence” Bundle!

Lethbridge-Stewart Intelligence Bundle © Candy Jar Books
Lethbridge-Stewart Intelligence Bundle © Candy Jar Books
Our friends over at Candy Jar Books are giving Blogtor Who readers the chance to win their “The Intelligence” Bundle!

In case you missed it, Candy Jar Books is about to start series four of their Lethbridge-Stewart books and through 2017 there is an extra focus on The Great Intelligence. There are four books in total included in “The Intelligence” Bundle; ‘The Forgotten Son’, ‘The Schizoid Earth’, ‘Times Squared’, and ‘Night of the Intelligence’, as well as the short story Ashes of the Inferno as a PDF.

All you have to do is answer the following question:

Q). When pursuing the Great Intelligence, which Seventh Doctor TV story did Clara interact with in The Name of the Doctor?

Email your answer to the address below with the subject line ‘Candy Jar Books Competition’. Only answers submitted by email will be accepted.

All entries need to be submitted by 6pm BST on Monday, May 29th. Winners will be notified within 24hrs.


As with all contests, there are some rules and regulations:
• You must be over 16 to enter. (You will need a parent to enter for you if you are too young.)
• Your name, address, email, age and contest answer must be sent to: blogtorwho@dt-forum.com with the relevant subject name.
• Blogtor Who will randomly select a winner from the list of correctly answered entries.
• Most prizes will be available worldwide; however, some are restricted. Any restrictions will be announced in the post.

To discover more about Candy Jar Books and their Lethbridge-Stewart series visit their website.



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