Included on the upcoming classic Doctor Who DVD, The Claws of Axos: Special Edition (out next month), is a trailer for The Legacy Box. This DVD set is to feature: the unfinished Douglas Adams story, Shada; a brilliant making-of feature on the aforementioned aborted adventure (which I was lucky enough to see last year); and the also~brilliant documentary More Than 30 Years In the TARDIS, first released on VHS in 1994.

Taken Out Of Time, the Shada documentary from BAFTA-nominated director Chris Chapman, was filmed largely on location around the River Cam in Cambridge and features interviews with the story’s stars Tom Baker and Daniel Hill as well as crew members Ralph Wilton, Les McCullum and Olivia Bazalgette.

More Than 30 Years In the TARDIS is an extended version of the televised version (30 Years in the TARDIS, broadcast on BBC One as part of the Doctor Who
Thirtieth celebrations) and features specially-filmed scenes with
Elisabeth Sladen, Jon Pertwee, Nicholas Courtney, Sylvester McCoy and
interviews with Who cast and crew along with some celebs. It is approximately 90 minutes.

No official date has been given for the release of The Legacy Box but January 2013 looks probable. Probably.

The Angels Take Manahattan teasers

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  1. Oh my dear lord. That sounds wonderful. I have More Than Thirty Years In The TARDIS on VHS, but Shada…well, it's the Holy Grail, isn't it? The one video I always look out for whenever I visit second hand markets.
    And a January 2013 release? Just in time for my birthday…

  2. Looks great. Pity they didn't use Levine's animation though. Wonder if the documentary mentions the Mcgann webcast/audio.


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