Starting this weekend is a new series of the Blogtor Who audio commentaries from Blogtor and Alexander J McKinnon – Rose will be released on Saturday, Oct 8. We’ll be revisiting the series post~2005 in order and hope you can join in the journey as Sandy watches most of these stories for the first time. The commentaries are free to download (or listen to), and you can check them out on iTunes HERE.

You can contribute to the commentaries by posting your thoughts and questions in the comments section below or on Twitter HERE. We’ll try and use as many of your observations as possible. This weekend we will also be recording the audio commentary for the second episode, The End of the World, so please comment below.

ETA: Both commentaries have been recorded, please start leaving your thoughts on The Unquiet Dead.

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  1. "Rose" was a great introduction to the show to a generation (then) unfamiliar with Doctor Who, and got right so many of the things the TV movie got wrong. Quite a bold departure from the previous TV tradition (the Doctor's look, and the Tardis set).

    The story itself is a bit so-so. Great first interaction between the Doctor and Rose's mum, and an excellent scene as Rose and the Doctor walk from the flats to the Tardis. On the downside, the comedic elements are quite weak (burping dustbin) and I don't like how the Doctor being completely ineffective at resolving the alien threat. I get that he's a flawed hero, but for the big return a chance to finish the aliens off with a flourish would have been nice. Still, a very welcome return.

  2. 'Rose' Brings so much happy memories to me every time it is mentioned or on TV. I remember seeing the trailer and as I am a New Who fan I did not expect to be having a life devoted to Doctor Who. I remember Building a TARDIS out of spare boxes a week before this episode aired and had spoke to my Dad about the ins and out of the programme. Watching the episode was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has begun a brilliant Era and long may it continue!

  3. I've loved "Rose". I pretty much loved Ninth's whole series. I wish he'd have stayed longer.

    As Jonathan said, it was a great intro for those unacquainted with Doctor Who. And it was a good refresher for those who were. However, I disagree that him being unable to finish off the aliens wasn't ineffective. I love those moments in DW when the Doctor, try as he might, with all of his vast intelligence, just can't solve the problem. Makes him to be a lil' more "human".

    I also love Rose Tyler herself, aka Billie Piper. I thought she was adorable. Her and her mum.

  4. I've been a fan of Doctor Who for a loooong time. I didn't immediately start watching the new series, for one because it wasn't available in my area, and two, I was afraid it would hurt my joyful memories of the old show. I was skeptical that it would remain true to its roots.

    Finally, I decided to get back with it and get caught up. And when Rose went into the storage area, and you first see the mannequins, I blurted, aloud, 'HOLY $%#&!! AUTONS!'

    And when the Doctor introduces himself… "Nice to meet you, Rose. Run for you life!" … I was hooked.

    I think this episode does a fantastic job of keeping the new viewer from feeling like he/she is missing something, while simultaneously giving a lot of 'geek out' moments for classic fans.

  5. "Rose" was the very first episode of Doctor Who I watched. I started watching the show knowing it was something I would probably like and I was determined to become a fan. As I watched "Rose," I started wondering what I'd gotten myself into. I thought it was cute, but the burping garbage can and the plastic Mickey were a bit too goofy for my taste.
    But something hooked me. Whether it was the Doctor's "turn of the Earth" speech, or Rose Tyler being her brilliant self, or the sense of a beautiful budding friendship between the Doctor and Rose, I don't know. But I have a very special place in my heart for this episode because it introduced me to a show that's changed my life.

  6. I always remember going to a Scotland game at Murrayfield in 2005, and a big billboard with that photo on it.

    Brand new Doctor Who. At the time it was another one of those TV shows where I thought "I'm going to watch that" and never did…

    Come Christmas of that year with Davey T at the helm, I began to become a fan, and Eccleston was just the first of a few backwards steps I had to watching the history of the show unfold!

    Will you be watching/commentating the TV movie? Don't suppose there's enough time to go all the way back but Rose is the most sensible starting point!

    Looking forward to watching the series back, DVD by DVD, alongside Blogtor and Sandy 🙂

  7. YES!!!! I didn't know you were going to be doing a re-watch of New-Who. I love these commentaries. Can't wait to watch it back with you guys 🙂

  8. Looking forward to it. "Rose" was my first ep of DW as an adult. When I was growing up I would watch some of the Tom Baker episodes with my dad on public television.

    If it weren't for Christopher and Billie, I might not have lasted as long as a fan.

  9. As the "End of the World" commentary has now been recorded, I'll confine myself to one comment for what it's worth…

    I was quite shocked at how remorseless the Doctor is when he allows Cassandra to die, and it almost seems like he is executing her. I can't recall a scene like it in old Who. The Doctor has stood by when enemies have died before, but usually after they have fallen into some trap of their own making. Clearly, this was a very different Doctor …


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