Doctor Who legend Terrance Dicks leads an army of famous names providing new adventures for the Target Storybook

For some time, the Doctor Who Target Storybook has been the subject of mystery. It’s been listed for release, but without absolutely nothing about it known. Now, not only has a list of authors been revealed, but a description giving us a taste of the content.

Rather than a direct novelization of any given episode, the Target Storybook is poised to provide a selection of shorter tales. But, in the Target tradition these stories with expand on, and deepen, elements of television episodes. Target books would often include whole new chapters unseen on television. Now the new Storybook will seemingly give new insight into the worlds and people of episodes new and old.

Confirmed by BBC Books as writing entries for the story book is Terrance Dicks. Dicks wrote 35 episodes of Doctor Who across three decades, as well as serving as script editor from 1968 to 1974. Even more significantly he wrote an incredible sixty-four of the original Target series. Alongside Dicks will be Gareth Roberts, who wrote six episodes of Doctor Who, including favourites The Shakespeare Code, The Lodger and The Caretaker. Joining them are novelists Simon Guerrier, Jenny T Colgan, Una McCormack, Steve Cole, George Mann, Susie Day and Mike Tucker.

Even more actors and writers from the world of Doctor Who have yet to be officially confirmed

Although unconfirmed by BBC Books, some vendors such as Amazon are also listing additional authors. The extra list includes the actors Colin Baker (The Doctor) and Matthew Waterhouse (Adric). These sites also name television writers Vinay Patel (Demons of the Punjab) and Joy Wilkinson (The Witchfinders) among the authors. Finally, writers Matthew Sweet, Jacqueline Rayner, and Beverly Sanford are similarly named but as yet unconfirmed.

Doctor Who: The Target Storybook is scheduled for released on the 24th of October, 2019. It can be pre-ordered from Amazon now. As always, Blogtor Who will keep you up to date as more details emerge.


Doctor Who: The Target Storybook

We’re all stories in the end…

In this exciting collection of all-new stories, you’ll find unique spin-off tales from some of your favourite Doctor Who episodes across the history of the series. Prequels, sequels, letters and first-hand accounts from favourite characters, including selections from the Doctor’s 500-Year-Diary (and 1,200-Year Diary, and 2,000-Year Diary).

Each story in The Target Storybook expands in thrilling ways upon a popular Doctor Who adventure. With contributions from show luminaries past and present, the Target Storybook is a once-in-a-lifetime tour round the wonders of the Whoniverse.


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